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Machine 16K20F3: specifications and description

Screw-cutting lathe 16K20F3,the technical characteristics of which will be discussed below, was created on the basis of the 16K20 unit, it is used mainly in small-scale production. Both machines have a unified structural part and a general operating principle. The unit allows processing of external and internal surfaces of workpieces, up to 1000 millimeters in length. Numerical software provides additional features and facilitates maintenance of the unit.

16k20f3 specifications

What does it consist of?

Technical characteristics of 16K20F3 are due todesign and kinematic scheme of the machine. The unit is made in the traditional layout, which meets universal standards, and also allows the production of a wide range of operations.

Hardware components:

  • The frame (frame).
  • Frame.
  • The carriage of the support.
  • Tool holder of swivel type.
  • Rear and spindle head.
  • Automatic transfer box.
  • Guiding elements.
  • Electromagnetic couplings.
  • Transverse and longitudinal drives.
  • Hydraulic power amplifier.

Principle of operation

Machine 16K20F3, whose technical characteristics allow you to select up to 9 speeds of shaft rotation, works as follows:

  1. The metal part is mounted in a spindle driven by a V-belt drive from an electric motor.
  2. The machining speed is corrected by means of an automatic box and a spindle assembly.
  3. The automatic box is equipped with six electromagnetic clutches, combined inclusion of which allows you to select the required speed.
  4. To increase or decrease the ripple, the gears of the spindle head are used. They are manually controlled, adjust up to 12 positions.
  5. The carriage of the unit is adapted to longitudinal movement using an electromagnetic drive.
  6. Cross slide of the caliper and tool holder is made through the drive, cogwheel and lead screw.
  7. The swivel chisel holder can be mounted insix positions with a change in the machining angles and the horizontal axis of rotation of the plane. In addition, in these manipulations, the transverse support mounts.
  8. The tool holder is positioned on the toolholder, designed to use no more than six incisors, processing the workpiece according to the program specified.

machine 16k20f3 technical characteristics

Hydraulic drive

This node lathe 16K20F3, technicalthe characteristics of this confirm, provide all the basic processes associated with the functioning of the working elements. The hydraulic drive consists of the following parts:

  • Couples of hydraulic booster.
  • The control pump.
  • Drive.
  • Tank with oil.
  • Control equipment.


Turning aggregate 16K20F3, whose technical characteristics will be considered further, is marked. Its decoding is as follows:

  • The index "1" is lathe.
  • 6 - screw-cutting.
  • K - production.
  • 20 - the index of height on the centers in centimeters.
  • F3 - CNC equipment.

Equipment of this category has a standard power within 10-11 kW, accuracy class corresponds to GOST 8-82-P.

lathe 16k20f3 technical characteristics

CNC machines 16K20F3: technical specifications

Parameters of the equipment under consideration:

  • Dimensions - 3,7 / 2,2 / 1,65 m.
  • Weight - 400 kg.
  • Number of speeds -22.
  • The hole diameter is 53 mm.
  • The center of the quill - Morse 5.
  • The operating range is from 12.5 to 2000 rpm, depending on the selected speed.
  • The step size is 0.01-40 mm.
  • The height of the tool is 25 mm.
  • Longitudinal / transverse strokes - 5000/7500 mm / min.

cnc machine 16k20f3 technical characteristics


Lathe 16K20FZ, technicalthe characteristics of which are indicated above, is equipped with a cast-iron bed, which is subjected to grinding, which provides a long period of operation. The main drive is an 11 kW electric motor. It guarantees a torque of up to 800 Nm. This allows you to adjust the machining of the workpiece to the maximum accuracy to the required dimensions.

The spindle of the unit has a hole diameter of 55 mmwith the possibility of fixing pins of various diameters. Special turrets are used for special operations, greatly expanding the capabilities of turning equipment. This unit is most prone to wear, since the planetary gearbox deforms as a dying out of teeth or destruction of the eccentric. To avoid such consequences will help to regularly monitor the condition of the mechanisms and timely preventive work. Lubrication of parts is carried out when the equipment is turned on to different elements. Program control in automatic mode determines the cycle of lubricant supply to the equipment nodes. It is possible to start this operation manually. The programmed cycle is not violated.

lathe with cnc 16k20f3 technical characteristics


Technical characteristics of the lathe-screw-cutting machine 16K20F3 allow using it for the following operations:

  • Drilling holes of different diameters.
  • Workpiece machining from the end parts.
  • Countersinking.
  • Threaded cutting.
  • Boring and finishing of surfaces of conical and shaped type.

As a protection for threaded pairs actSpecial restrictors that prevent premature failure of mechanisms. Modernization of the units under consideration consists in equipping the CNC sets with domestic and foreign production with replaceable electrical equipment. Re-equipment makes it possible to increase the power by 2-3 times, depending on the condition of the units. All these solutions increase the productivity of equipment, reduce the mode of transformation of blanks. It is desirable to modernize at the same time as overhauling.

What is the improvement?

Screw-cutting lathe 16K20F3, technical characteristics of which can be improved by modernization in three ways:

  1. By complete modernization.
  2. Improved components and work tools.
  3. Reorganization of traction equipment.

Screw-cutting lathe 16k20f3 technical characteristics

Modernization makes it possible to increase the number of ranges of processing parts, as well as the accuracy of manipulation.

To maximize the working lifeequipment use adaptive management system. It allows you to turn off the unit at critical loads, and also contributes to the following indicators:

  • Decrease in the period of finishing the parts.
  • Increase the service life of component parts.
  • Reducing the failure of the tooling.
  • Increase the overall performance of equipment.

Lathe Specifications16K20F3 with CNC allow you to change the load on the spindle. In this case, it is possible to adjust the feed of the used tool, taking into account the type of material of the workpiece to be machined. This contributes to an increase in the service life of all parts of the unit.


When using numeric softwareThe processing of workpieces is carried out using pre-installed programs. They make it possible to correct information supplied from the operator's console, as well as to use external memory cassettes. The final data is output to a special display, after analyzing which, it is possible to decide on the adjustment of the subsequent process.

16k20f3 specifications and description

Automation of the process is accompanied by the 6th, 8thor 12 positions, allowing you to change the diameter of the machining or the axis of rotation horizontally. The working head is equipped with a disk on which three axial and six radial elements can be mounted. In addition, it can be operated with 8-12 units for various tools.

Increase the efficiency of the machine 16K20F3,technical characteristics and description of which are given above, can be further upgraded by changing the kinematic scheme or installing a modern energy-saving design. The CNC complex significantly expands the functional of the aggregate under consideration. Thanks to it, the accuracy and speed of machining of parts as well as the finishing mode are improved. CNC machines have a range of longitudinal and lateral movements - 0.005 and 0.01 millimeters, respectively.

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