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Let's make the garden site beautiful - planting a lawn

In modern society, grass in the garden areascan act not only in the role of weeds, but also as a decoration of the landscape. Smooth lawns not only pleases the eye, but are also pleasant with its softness. Therefore, planting a lawn is so popular nowadays. Of course, part of the design can become grass only certain varieties and under certain conditions. Above the lawn grass, as a rule, narrow specialists with experience and skills in this field are engaged. If you want to decorate your site with lawn grass and want to do it yourself, then there are two main ways: to grow grass or buy already grown in rolls. Of course, if the deadlines are tightening, and the lawns are already needed, it is easier to buy the grown. But if there is time, then it's more pleasant to do it yourself. In this article we will look at how the lawn is planted.

Planting a lawn
As in all other cases, before you start to sow the grass on the site, you should first think and prepare everything. We divide this work into three stages and each of them will be analyzed in detail.

Step One - Site Planning

If there is a construction site in the summer residence, at firstIt is worthwhile to think carefully about what structures are planned to be built in the future. After all, if the grass is already growing, then hired laborers will stamp on it, then your universal lawn will turn into a sad sight. In fact, sowing grass should be the last step in the formation of the entire site as a whole, when everything that is needed has already been built and fixed on the site.

Step two - preparing the soil

Universal lawn

So, after planning, when we weigh everything"For" and "against", it is necessary to prepare the ground for sowing grass. It is better to do this in the fall, and plant the grass in the spring. The soil needs to be treated to ensure that the grass subsequently grows without surprises as an abundant quantity of weeds of varying heights and colors. We want to get a smooth, green, soft lawn. To do this, it is necessary to clean the soil beforehand of all the weeds, and also from their roots, which can give an intensive growth with abundant further watering of lawn grass. Clean the soil with special preparations or simply by hand. If the weed was too much and you anticipate an unfavorable outcome in the future, then you can take radical measures - remove the upper 15-cm layer of soil and replace it with a new one. The soil can also be fertilized.

The third step is to plant a lawn

How to sow lawn grass

Now the most interesting stage is the sowing of lawn grass.

Before sowing the land should not be dug up, buton the contrary, compact, and then slightly loosen the uppermost layer. After that, you need to water the ground abundantly with water so that it soaks not only on the surface. How to sow lawn grass?

Well mix seeds, as theycome across different sizes, and we sow them evenly on the surface of the site. You need to do this in a dry, windless weather. At the edges of the site and along the tracks it is worth sowing more densely than on the rest of the surface. After distributing the seeds along the plot, they need to be compacted into the ground.

When growing grass, the main thing is timelywatering. Watering is necessary at a certain time and in the right amount. It is better to do this in the evening and so that no puddles form. In periods of severe drought it is worth watering during the day more than once.

Planting a lawn is not a difficult process, however, requiring patience. But then, enjoying the beauty of his site, he will not be sorry for the forces expended on him.

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