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When and how to sow oats?

Oats are a grain crop, which people learned and began to cultivate long before wheat. It is this plant that began to be used as a green fertilizer, revealing yet unknown properties of oats.

Sow the oats

In oat grains, protein is larger than in wheat kernels, they are enriched with a set of vitamins. Oats are grown as a cereal, but it is more useful to sow oats as siderat.

What are the advantages of oats as a siderata?

Expanding in the ground, young green shoots of oats saturate the soil with organic and mineral substances, potassium, phosphorus. According to the ability to feed the soil, oats are compared with the manure that has been reparted.

One crop in autumn of sown oats is 500 kg of manure, on an area of ​​2.5 hundred parts. If there is a need to saturate the earth with nitrogen, then oats or legumes - vetch-oat mixtures - are planted as a siderata.

The oatmeal oat root system contributes toloosening, strengthening of the upper fertile soil layer during the growth of the crop. Therefore, it is possible to sow oats on heavy soil, which it loosens, structures and contributes to filling with moisture, nitrogen and oxygen. On light soils, the oat cover will help strengthen the upper fertile layer, protecting the site from natural weathering and leaching. Enriched with organic matter by growing oats on them, the soils become more moisture-intensive.

Sow the oats in autumn

Oats as siderat are a great way to get rid ofweed plants. In this respect, not only oats are good, but all cereals in general. Dense crops of grain crops contribute to mute weed growth, covering the earth with a dense green "carpet".

On the site where oats were grown last year, you can plant any garden crops during the fruiting season, expecting the best harvest, except for cereal crops.

When you plan to sow oats in the country, know that the cerealsAttractive for wireworms who like to feast on and potatoes. Therefore, oats before potatoes are not recommended, but after that, like other crops grown on the site, oats have a preventive effect in combating potato scab, nematodes, fungal diseases, root rot.

The advantages of oat cultivation include the unpretentiousness of the crop, which gives shoots on almost all types of soils: chernozems, peat bogs, acid podzols, clayey and sandy soils, loam.

Oats - an indispensable cereal

In nature, both annuals grow, andperennial species of oats, although the latter are much less common than the first. This representative of cereals, at the beginning of vegetation forms a loose bush with leafy stalks with an average height of 50-120 cm. Oats are an early crop, perfectly feels in a temperate climate, therefore it is grown everywhere. Cultivated for the purpose of cultivation, as a grain crop, as a green fertilizer - siderata. It is insensitive to low positive temperatures, which makes it possible to sow the grass in the early spring, once the soil reaches physiological ripeness.

Sow oats at the cottage

Oats are a moisture-loving plant, so whengermination of seeds, it is important to take this fact into account and provide favorable conditions for cereals. Agronomists register the production of thinned shoots when grown in dry conditions and the further absence of formation of a thick vegetative mass. Oats are a sun-loving culture. Although to the type of soil it is not exacting, but on the "poor" ground the tillering and stalking coefficient is fixed below the usual. Therefore, if you are going to sow oats on fresh soil, it is recommended to multiply the seeding rate, especially if oats are grown as fertilizer.

When is it better to sow oats?

Terms of sowing of oats are flexible. In the central part of Russia, most people who cultivate oats start crops as soon as snow comes down and can be reached by the garden. Although the agrarians recommend, wait until the soil warms up and become "warmer" closer to the middle of April.

If the spring sowing was not specified, then such agrain crops like oats can be sown until the middle of September, even in autumn. Since the grains like moisture, prepare for the fact that in droughty weather will have to ensure the crops the proper water supply.

How to properly sow the oats

Features of seed dressing

Before sowing oats by hand, do not forgetdisinfect and dress the grain of oats with potassium permanganate. This will help protect them from diseases and pests, provide resistance to adverse weather conditions. Oat seeds are kept for 20 minutes in a 1% solution and washed with running cold water.

Technology of sowing seeds

The siderat is sown in bulk on large plots or in rows on small country estates. The soil is previously loosened and cleared of weeds. Norms of seed consumption during sowing:

  • in bulk - 16-22 grams per m2; 165-205 grams - for one hundred square meters of land;
  • in rows - 10-11 grams per m2; 1000 grams - for 1 hundred square meters of land.

After sowing the grain is closed to a depth of 2.5-3.5cm by cutting the plot with rakes. Now you know how to properly sow the oats in the suburban area or the garden with their own hands and without the use of agricultural techniques.

Oat siderates when sown

Fertilizers for oat crops

To ensure good shoots and further growth and bushiness of oats, use:

  • granulated tuks and mixtures, regardless of NPK composition;
  • granular potassium chloride;
  • granules or crystals of ammonium sulfate;
  • fertilizer ("Caligmat" in granules is suitable).

How and when does oats mowing?

The early spring terms of sowing cereals provide early yields of plant mass. At the same time the timing of mowing directly depends on the goals of growing crops.

You can start harvesting after 40 days, if you have decided to sow the oeder early. When shoots gain a height of about 17-23 cm, you can start working.

When starting to mow down, be guided by the timingplanting of garden crops. If in the spring you are going to plant vegetables after the oats, then mowing and embedding of greens in the soil (as well as other siderates) is carried out no later than 14 days before the planting of vegetables.

Mowing and sealing the sprouts in the soil, it is possible to providesystematic watering of the site. This helps to accelerate the process of decomposition of oat greens. To avoid sourding of the siderata, it is closed with a thin layer. The remaining fertilizers of greenery are often sent to the compost pit, applied to mulch or given to pet food. In any case, the greens will not be lost.

How to sow oats by hand

Oats are not only a useful grain crop, butand, as it turned out, a qualitative fertilizer of natural origin - siderat. Now you know how to fertilize the land without using chemical compounds to get a healthy and rich harvest for the fall. The subtleties of cultivation and cultivation of oat greens described in the article will help to understand the subtleties of the process of fertilizing the soil and to grow quality oats, regardless of how you plan to use it in the future.

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