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How to save water in the apartment: tips

One day each of us startswondering how to save water. After all, it is not just about reducing the payment of utility bills, but also about saving fresh water on the planet. There are many tips and recommendations for reducing water consumption, they are fairly simple and trivial, and with the help of them you can save considerably without harming yourself.

Basic recommendations for saving water

how to save water

1. Do not leave the faucet on while brushing your teeth, shaving, washing your hands, utensils and other activities.
2. Begin to collect cold water that flows out of the faucets, while you wait for it to warm up. In the future, it can be used to fill the tank or watering plants.
3. Carefully inspect and check for leaks the water supply system, in particular this applies to toilet bowls and mixers. If problems were found, they must be eliminated.

Cranes that help save water

For small consumption it is possible to install cranes that save water, there are three types:
1. The mixer with the aerator at the addition adds small bubbles to the water. In turn, this reduces the spraying of droplets. The effectiveness of pressure and washing is fully preserved, and the amount of resources used is reduced by 20%.
2. The thermostat mixer has a specialized blocker that will not allow water to flow until the flow is heated to the required temperature. Thanks to this device you can save a few liters per one inclusion.
3. The sensor mixer is quite expensive, but its efficiency is 50-70% greater than that of its predecessors. The principle of this apparatus is that when hands or dishes are brought under the tap, it starts to work.
For those who are thinking about how to save water in the apartment, the availability of a modern mixer is just a necessary solution.

Economical nozzle for the crane

how to save water in the apartment

Everyone knows that for today it is necessaryto save water, for this the manufacturers came up with a limiting nozzle. It is arranged in such a way that the flow flows between the O-ring and the sprocket.

If there is no head, then the O-ringrelaxes, and in the case of opening the crane, the pressure increases and it is flattened, thereby closing the sprocket and reducing the space for the passage of water. After the pressure decreases, the space for the flow begins to open.

The nozzle has a standard size, it can beuse for any type of mixer. It will not change the appearance of the crane, it is very easy to install. Such a device will help to reduce water consumption several times and will save 40-50%. It will also establish a constant head, despite the fact that the pressure changes regularly.

Why you need to install a meter for water accounting

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Everyone wants to pay less for utilitiesservices, but not everyone knows how to save water on the meter and whether it is justified savings. Thanks to the use of a hydrometer it will be necessary to pay only for actual consumption, and not for the calculated norms by the state.

After the individualcounter, you can not worry about the fact that you need to pay for the loss of water in case of accidental accidents, leaks from badly working neighbors' cranes or in-house pipes.

After installing a water meter, you might think howto save water on the meter to pay less. As can be seen in practice, only 74% - a useful water consumption, and the remaining 26% - is a loss. The most effective method of dealing with them is accounting, which is supplied by the consumer personally. As shown by numerous studies, after installing meters, you can observe a decrease in consumption consumption.

How to save water with technical devices

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I want to ask myself how you can save water, in order to partially save the family budget. For this, there are technical devices that are desirable to have at hand.
1. In the kitchen, install a sink, which has two pallets. Thanks to this, you can significantly reduce water consumption by washing dishes in one, and in the second rinsing it off with soapy water.
2. It is best to use single lever mixers. In these cranes the process of mixing hot and cold water is much faster.
3. For the shower, you need to buy a watering can with small holes and hang it a little lower than usual.
4. If there are plans to purchase a washing machine or dishwasher, it is advisable to choose only products with a class of water consumption AA.
Initially, it may seem that these methods will only increase costs, but they actually help to conserve water well.

How to save in the bathroom

Bathroom - this is one of those rooms in which the use of water is greatest, so it is important to know how to save water here.
- It is not necessary to keep the faucet permanently open at the time of washing hands, shaving and brushing your teeth.
- Take a shower more often than a bath.
- No need to save on household appliances. Old-style washing machines use much more water.
- Acquire a shower, which has a small resource consumption.
- Pre-soak clothes before washing, this will save you from hassle after its end.
- Before washing the dishes, soak it, this will result in a much lower consumption.
- Use the water-saving mode on the dishwasher.

Use of economical shower heads

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If a 5-liter pot can be filled for 25seconds, make sure to install a nozzle with minimum holes, thanks to which up to 50% of water is stored. Another option, how to save hot water, as well as cold, is the shower head, in which an aerator is built, it fills the air bubbles with air. Thanks to this device, you can reduce water consumption by about three times without losing the quality of the jet. So the cost of a 5-minute shower will not be 100 liters, but only 30. Use in your apartment such gadgets - and questions about how to save water, will disappear.

What to do to pay for water less

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There is an opinion that those who know how to savewater on the meter, will pay less. Many tenants of houses and apartments were convinced that the meter, of course, helps, but can not solve all problems. Water costs are primarily dependent on the human consumption culture, as well as on the availability of accurate and careful attitude to the water.

Many open the faucet completely or halfin order to just wash your hands, although only a small trickle is enough for this. And now look at your receipts - and there you can see that the water resource is one of the most costly items of all expenses. How can I fix this?

In order to understand how you can save water,first observe your relatives. By this principle, it is easy enough to choose your program for rational use, including financial means.

Carefully watch for the right jobplumbing - this is the main source of water loss. You can check this with the indicators that are on the meter, if they move, it means that there is a leak somewhere. Modern cranes, in which inside the cermet parts instead of elastic pads, forever allow you to forget about the dripping of them.

You do not need to turn the mixer on all 100%, very often it's a little bit open. It's enough to close the cranes firmly and be sure to accustom your family to it.

Install houses with jet straightening, aeratingnozzles and perlators. With their use, you can significantly reduce water consumption. Thanks to these rules, it's easy to get good savings. But the main factor in answering the question of how to save water is the change in personal habits.

Basic tips for saving water

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In everyday life there are tips on how to save water in the apartment, which will significantly reduce costs.
1. Be sure to consult and find out if there are compensations for installed appliances in the apartment or house. In some regions, this is encouraged by the state. There are such areas that, for the purchase of double-flush toilet bowls, rewarded customers with discounts, and suppliers sold cheaper or even donated aerators for taps and shower heads that have a small flow.
2. If the area in which you live is marked with a small amount of water, then be sure to read the rational consumption and limitations.
3. Talk with the households and try to get them to support themselves in the economy.
4. Water, which remains after washing, can be used to wash the car, and the one that is obtained after washing fruits and vegetables, may later be useful for working in the garden.
5. Do not forget about the correct disposal of hazardous materials, such as cleaning agents, batteries, fertilizers, fluorescent lamps, pesticides and motor oils. All these benefits, of course, do not affect the conservation of water, but they are very important for the safety and purity of operating sources.
Take care of nature and do not allow its destruction, save water. Pictures that are sometimes found can overturn a person's consciousness. Be vigilant to the precious resources of our planet.

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