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The fight with the ants in the garden, or how to get rid of uninvited guests

fighting ants in the garden

If you have got on your bed such unsoughtguests like ants, you should in the near future take measures to combat these pests. Undoubtedly, the big plus of ants is that when building their nests, they loosen the top layer of the soil, saturating it with oxygen and increasing fertility. But no plus in comparison with the losses incurred will not stand up for the protection of these "tenants" in your garden. Having discovered their nests, you will understand how difficult the struggle with ants is. In the garden for them - a real paradise, but in time resorting to the below described methods of destroying ants, you can save your harvest.

fighting ants

Since aphids are a favorite food of ants, they protectit from enemies and promote reproduction, infecting with aphid larvae more and more plants. Around the nest of ants, plants, most likely, will not grow. Also, ants prefer to use strawberry bushes during the construction of their nests, while destroying the plant. Therefore, the reasons why fighting ants in the garden is necessary, are obvious.

First of all you need to get rid of aphids,Because it attracts unwanted guests to your beds. This is the first thing to do before fighting ants in the garden. When the aphids are finished, you can move on to more decisive action. Having discovered an anthill, it is necessary to dig this part of the earth as deep as possible. So you destroy their nest, and they will leave your site. In order for the ants not to return to this place, dig up the earth with ash or ash.

fighting ants in the garden

If you dig a place where ants chose"accommodation", there is no opportunity, other equally effective methods for scaring off insects will come to the aid. Fighting ants in the garden is a very scrupulous business, because when using chemicals, you risk not only getting rid of the ants, but also damaging the crop. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to folk remedies against ants. It is known that ants frighten foreign sharp smells, so, after discovering their nest, overlay it with leaves of parsley, tomato, laurel and other fragrant plants. Also, the leaves or stems of these plants spread on the trails of ants or tie the trunks of plants with them.

In order to protect raspberry bushes, currantsor other fruit and berry bushes from the invasion of ants, you need to cut small strips of sheepskin and tie them with shoots of plants, smeared with carbolic acid. The smell of this acid frightens off insects, and the berries remain unharmed.

fighting ants in the garden
To fight the ants in the garden became moresimple, you can arrange for ants trap, for which you need boric acid and sugar. All this must be mixed, poured into small dishes and placed between beds, placing a straw or leaf on the edge, along which the ants will go up to the sweet bait. Next boric acid will do its job and the ants will die.

In order not to look for ways how to deal withants in the country, should for sprinkling sprinkle beds with a mixture of ash, chopped wood and lime. So you save your plants whole and unharmed.

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