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Doorway: dimensions and mounting features of the box

Carrying out repairs, you need to carefullyapproach to various calculations. For example, the doorway dimensions may vary depending on the design of a particular room. Therefore, when replacing door structures, it is important to calculate everything competently. What should be taken into account?

doorway dimensions

Size matters

As you know, the doors - interior or entrance -play an important role in any interior. Accordingly, the approach to their installation should be correct. In order not to get into a situation when you have to deal with finishing the walls, you should determine in time what size the doorway is. When choosing designs, it should be remembered that different manufacturers offer different solutions. Thus, most domestic and foreign brands offer systems under the doorway, the dimensions of which are 2000 mm high with a width of 600 mm to 800 mm. The designs of some manufacturers have a height of 1900 mm and a width of 550 mm. At the same time, the thickness of the boxes also varies.

Possible problems and inconsistencies

Such a variety of solutions suggests that,choosing input structures, you need to take into account the parameters that the doorway has: the dimensions and its design features. Otherwise, there may be several problems:

  1. The unit simply does not stand in the doorway in the bearing wall, which will lead to the need to expand the opening.
  2. Any increase is a huge amount of dusty and dirty work, during which the entire profile will be deformed. And this promises only extra expenses of time, nerves and money.
    what size is the doorway
  3. If you build a doorway, the size of whichwere calculated incorrectly, you can also face the following problem: a wooden clypeboard will not block the entrance in width or height, and this will affect the fact that you will have to perform a number of works. Accordingly, this is too much waste.

How to calculate?

So, to determine the size of the doorway of the entrance door, you need to start with the following indicators:

  • width and height of the selected fabric;
  • the thickness of the boxes and their width;
  • width of wooden platbands;
  • the presence of a wooden threshold.

Let's say your door has the following dimensions:Height 2000 mm and width 800 mm with a box thickness of 25 mm. To determine the size of the opening, you need to add the width and thickness parameters plus the gap between the box and the door - about 20 mm on each side. That is, the ideal width will be approximately 880 mm. Under such an opening, most of the models offered today are suitable. The height is calculated in the same way, only a height clearance is added to the top and bottom - 2050 mm is obtained for the door without a threshold and 2080 mm if a threshold is planned. As for the thickness, the door frame is usually offered in 75 mm - they are designed for typical houses. However, from any rule there are exceptions, and therefore, it may be necessary to have a selection if the thickness of the walls of the opening is not the same.

door entry door size

Thus, the preparation and careful calculation of the doorway is a very important job, which will allow to perform the installation more correctly and quickly, and most importantly - without additional cash costs.

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