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The refrigerator has stopped to freeze: the reasons and ways of elimination

The refrigerator in our time is that part of the householdtechnology, without which simply can not do. Imagine that it does not work for a while: an hour or two ... Each of us will worry about the safety of the products, and if the refrigerator has stopped freezing, we urgently need to take measures to restore it. Today we will consider this issue in detail. So, what if the refrigerator has stopped freezing?

Defroster button

If there is such afunction, you need to check if this button is enabled. Sometimes she accidentally pushes, the hostess does not even suspect that soon the device will stop working for no apparent reason. Therefore, first we check the presence of this button and its current position.

Rubber Seals

One of the most common reasons whythe refrigerator stopped to freeze, - this is an unfit seal, which goes along the contour of the door. It is needed to prevent heat exchange between the chamber and the outside air. On older models, it cracks or rubs.

the refrigerator stopped frosting
But what if in the absence of deformation onelement of the refrigerator stopped frosting? Check the tightness of the seal against the door. A leak may be hiding on either side of it. The solution of this issue is the purchase of a new seal. As a rule, after that most of the refrigerators normally function.

Temperature sensor

This element can give an incorrectinformation to the processor. The way out is by replacing the temperature sensor. Also after this operation, check the current position of the cold regulator. It must be at the maximum.


If the light inside works, but the refrigeratorhas ceased to freeze, the reasons can be banal. For example, engine overheating. The refrigerator itself can either not work completely, or act not at full capacity. Check whether the machine is warm.

the refrigerator has stopped frosting

If the engine is hot, it most likely workedthermal protection. The solution to the problem is to disconnect the refrigerator from the 220 volt network for a period of 1 to 2 hours (until the unit completely cools) and re-enable it. If the device is working, the reason for all was the lack of air supply to the engine.

How to prevent overheating?

So that in the future the elements do not overheat,it is necessary to provide them with proper cooling. To do this, move the refrigerator away from the wall a few centimeters - so you will improve the circulation of cold air. Remember that frequent overheating of the motor entails expensive repairs.

Thermoregulator failure

What to do if the refrigerator stops freezing, andThe freezer works? It is necessary to check the status of the thermostat with the unit on. First, using a voltmeter, the voltage at the engine itself is checked. If it is absent, most likely, the reason is in the regulator.

the refrigerator stopped frosting causes

The way out is to replace the element with a new one. A faultless thermostat will supply the voltage necessary for the operation of the refrigerator, while ensuring a stable cooling of the chambers.

Other breakdowns

There are a number of other, more complex problems,because of which this household equipment is out of order. If the motor was switched on for some time, and the sounds of its operation were heard (not for long), the reason is in the motorcycle compressor. At the same time, characteristic clicks of the element are heard for 10-15 seconds of its operation. These sounds indicate the thermal protection that is in the relay. The engine can restart in 2-3 minutes.

Why did the refrigerator stop frosting after turning off the lights? There are several reasons for this:

  • Malfunction of the relay.
  • The engine burned out from overfalls.
  • Breakdown in the starting capacitor.

The refrigerator has stopped freezing and the freezer is working

What do I need to do? First we inspect the relay. It is attached to the motorcycle compressor. If the item clicks, then it's working. If not, you need a replacement.

How to check the condition of the capacitor? To do this, you need to use the tester. Before the diagnosis, the capacitor must be discharged through the resistance. In this case, the shooter must abruptly leave, and then return to its original position. If this does not happen, then there is a condenser fault. If the element is working, but still the refrigerator has stopped frosting, the reasons ("Indesit" is no exception) in the burnt out engine. It's very difficult to repair it with your own hands. Easier to take to the workshop. It will come out faster and cheaper.


This is one of the main components, thanks toto which the refrigerator performs the specified function. Freon is a liquid (also gaseous) substance that circulates between the compressor and the evaporator. The first compresses it and delivers it to the condenser in the form of a gas, where in the next stage it turns into a liquid. In this case Freon gives heat to the environment and enters the evaporator through the tubes that are in the chamber. Further under pressure, it boils and evaporates, taking heat from the refrigerator, thereby cooling it. Further, the composition is again converted to gas, and this cycle is repeated.

The refrigerator stopped freezing after turning off the light

How do you know if the fault is in it? If the engine is running for a very long time, but the refrigerator does not freeze and the condenser is cold, then the problem is the freon evaporated from the system. This is due to the damage to the pipes-trunks, through which it passes, taking away heat. Inaccurate loading or unloading of meat, frozen vegetables and other products in the chamber, picking ice with a knife or other sharp objects - all this is the cause of leaked freon. Also, the tubes are deformed during the movement of household appliances. And after the owners wondered why the refrigerator stopped freezing after transportation. If the products can not be removed from the camera during the move, they can cause damage to the tubes. Therefore, before transportation, always take out all vegetables, fruits and meat - even the smallest piece can become fatal for the further operation of the refrigerator.

How are pipes repaired?

Of course, do not immediately throw out the unit orto sell as a non-working. The refrigerator with the leaked freon is completely repairable. To do this, it is necessary to find a leak, to solder and pump gas. Of course, at home, this is not done - masters of refining freon and soldering the tubes, specializing in the repair of such equipment. Without proper equipment, it is impossible to restore the refrigerator.

The refrigerator stopped freezing after transport
It also happens that the technique stops working because of clogged highways, which are fed freon. In this case, the system is evacuated and refueling is performed.

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