/ How to install the stove in the garage with your own hands?

How to install the stove in the garage with your own hands?

When the cold days are approaching, manycitizens wonder about how to install the stove in the garage with their own hands. The main disadvantage of many such designs are their rather large sizes. However, you can find something compact, but quite powerful. This is especially important in this case, as the garage doors open frequently.

Electrical or gas appliances are notwill do, because they consume a lot of fuel. They are not efficient and economical. Ideal option would be a design that works on solid or liquid fuel.

There are several main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a solid fuel stove for a garage.

  • First, it should not occupy a large area. In addition, if the stove in the garage was not installed permanently, then in the warm season it can be removed from the heated premises.
  • Secondly, high-level fire safety, so as not to watch the stove for hours.
  • Also, it should have a good supply of power, since, depending on the situation, the heating level should be different.
  • Fuel for the furnace can serve even ordinary garbage, which constantly accumulates in the garage, saving you from this blockages.

There are several options for such devices.


Classic stove in the garage made of metal. It works from firewood. This is a metal welded container, in which there is a door to load fuel, and a chimney.

stove in the garage
Its advantage is a simple construction, and it has many shortcomings:

  • Short working life due to metal burn-out.
  • Difficultly regulated combustion process: either everything burns out quickly, or does not burn, because there is no thrust and fuel of poor quality.
  • Low efficiency, because of which a lot of heat flies through the pipe.
    stove in the garage with their own hands

And yet it is very popular due to its low price and simplicity in self-manufacturing.

Bugler Furnace

For it, allsolid that can burn (both firewood and peat). This oven is becoming more popular. After all, with a single fuel deposit, it will be heated for 10 hours. Its efficiency is approximately 80% due to two combustion chambers. This is an important property of this design. In this furnace, the combustion is regulated by a damper, and the room warms up rather quickly.

homemade stoves for garage
Features of using bugleriana:

  • Chimney is desirable to make of a sandwich-pipe, which will save the channel from condensate and soot.
  • The height of its location from the floor should be at least 20 cm, and the base should be made of heat-resistant material.
  • It is better to kindle this stove in the garage with paper. Then solid fuel is added.

Oven on "working off"

It looks like a burzhuyku, but as a waste oil is used. The device is simple, but reliable at the same time. How to install this stove in the garage with their own hands? It's pretty simple.

stove in the garage

You need two tanks connected by a pipe,in which there are many small holes. The lower part is a fuel tank and a boiler. In this container, when heated, fuel is produced. The top element - a pipe with a tank - is a furnace and a heating element. These furnaces can be heated to 700-900 degrees. Its lower volume is 8-15 liters, which is enough for 10-20 hours of operation. In this vessel is a hole-lid, which sucks air and serves as a filler neck, and also regulates the power of combustion. Only dense metal is used for the manufacture of this furnace. The exhaust pipe should also be strengthened, since its temperature sometimes reaches 250 degrees. All the details should be made removable because of soot in the channels, which must be cleaned at least once a week. It is kinda easy to ignite. To do this, pour 1 liter of fuel into the lower tank. Then put a newspaper in the jellied hole and set it on fire. After 5-10 minutes, the tank is heated, and the combustion is transferred to the pipes.

After all that has been said, it should be noted thathomemade stoves for the garage in the manufacture require special knowledge and skills, and if they are improperly constructed, they can be dangerous, that is, in this case it is better to turn to specialists.

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