/ Which tile glue is better? Tips and recommendations for your choice

Which tile glue is better? Tips and recommendations for your choice

If you decide to use a tile when repairing,It is important to determine which tile glue is better. On the market of building materials a huge variety of these compositions is presented, among which budgetary and expensive variants can be distinguished. The consumer, visiting the store, is lost in the assortment. That is why you need to consider before buying all the features of existing adhesive compositions.

Features of choice of tile adhesive

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Every private master should be aware of the keyThe parameters that should be followed when choosing the appropriate adhesive for laying tiles. Cost in this case plays a key role, since expensive mixtures are used in exceptional cases. The choice of the material is influenced by the variety of tiles and their dimensions, operating conditions, the type of the roughing base on which the decorative material will be laid.

Dimensions and type of tiles

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If you are thinking about the question of whichtile glue is better, then initially it is necessary to pay attention to the material and dimensions of the tile. Experts argue that for a heavier material it is necessary to select a glue composition that has impressive strength characteristics. The mixture must adhere well to the base. Manufacturers of this characteristic mixture is called adhesion. The quantitative value of this quantity can be found on the package. The larger this indicator, the higher the cost of adhesive composition. Thinking over the question of which tile glue is better, the consumer should pay attention also to the water absorption level of the tile, this is affected by the porosity of the material, this indicator is measured in percent, the number of which can also be found on the packaging of decorative finishing material.

Selection of glue composition according to operating conditions

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If you have a question about whichtile adhesive is better, then it is necessary to pay attention to the expected operating conditions. This is one of the main determinants of the choice of adhesive composition. It is important to determine the temperature range, the humidity level of the air, the expected loads on the tile. Thus, if the flooring is done on an open loggia, then it will be necessary to use a frost and moisture resistant adhesive compound.

All glues are divided into three subgroups. The first are conventional compounds that are made on the basis of cement. Such mixtures belong to class C1. Such compounds are intended for outdoor work. The basic version of the adhesive has an adhesion to the base, which is equal to 0.5 MPa. Such formulations are used in both dry and wet rooms.

The second group includes improved mixturesbased on cement, which have additional characteristics. Such compounds are used for internal work. Mixtures of this variety have an adhesion of 1 MPa, such products are characterized by increased elasticity.

If you decide to purchase a tile adhesive,Characteristics of the composition should certainly be studied in advance. The above-described product is excellent for laying tiles in rooms, the conditions of which are characterized by significant temperature changes and high humidity. The glue will be able to undergo significant dynamic and static resistance.

The third group includes glue compoundsspecial purpose, which have specific characteristics. This includes the modification of the heat-resistant composition, which is used for facing furnaces and fireplaces.

Consumers who choose tile glue,the characteristics of the composition must necessarily be considered. Quite often, buyers decide to use a semi-transparent mosaic or marble tile when finishing. This will be irreplaceable white glue mixture.

Selection of adhesive composition according to the variety and characteristics of the substrate

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If you need tile adhesive, reviewsconsumers will be able to determine the choice. It is important before buying the composition to pay attention to the variety of the base, which can be complex and simple. Simple surfaces can include strong, non-modifiable linear dimensions, solid bases such as those made of concrete, cellular materials, brick or on the basis of cement-sand screed.

It is often enough to work withComplex bases, for example, with glass, metal, wood or plastic. If there is a need to tile the dry room with tile, then the basic adhesive composition should be chosen, the adhesion coefficient to the base of which is equal to 0.2-0.3 MPa.

Basic recommendations for the choice of glue

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If you choose glue tile, reviews about ityou should be interested. For example, consumers claim that when laying ceramics they use the simplest mixtures that have proved themselves well. As an exception, there are cases when it is necessary to coat flexible surfaces. Among these, you can distinguish plywood or plasterboard.

Varieties of adhesive compositions for tiles

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Adhesive tile "Standard" is used asuniversal tool, but sometimes it becomes necessary to apply mixtures with special characteristics. The most common formulations today are made on the basis of cement. They are realized as a dry mixture, which contains modified components to provide the required degree of adhesion and plasticity. If you can not decide which composition to buy - pasty or dry, then it should be taken into account that one-component paste-like mixtures are slightly worse in quality than dry ones. However, they win in price. These include polyurethane and epoxy adhesives. They can only be used for interior finishing.

If you decide to purchase a tile adhesive "Knauf",then it is worth paying attention to two-component mixtures. Compositions that contain polyurethane and epoxy additives, improve adhesivity, and also have more impressive plasticity. Among other things, it provides thermal and moisture resistance, durability and strength.

Properties of tile adhesive

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Tile glue "Knauf" is enough todayis distributed in the market of the corresponding goods. However, choosing it or the composition of any other brand, it is necessary to pay attention to the basic properties that qualitative glue should possess. The mixture must first of all be resistant to slipping. It is important to pay attention to the expiration date, this indicates the period of time during which the mixture will not lose its characteristics and can be used in facing operations. Tile glue frost-resistant, usually within three hours after kneading can be used.

Consumers pay attention to open timework, suggesting an interval during which the already applied mixture can retain its characteristics. This indicates that for a certain time you can lay the tile. If we talk about conventional adhesive compounds, the open time is about 20 minutes. Tile glue "Eunice" is available in the form of a quick-setting composition, which collects strength for only 10 minutes. During this time, you can have time to adjust the position of the tile.


Whichever composition is chosen - tile adhesive"Eunice" or a mixture of any other manufacturer, you should pay attention to the conformity of the product with the expiration date, since the mixture, which was produced long ago, and was stored incorrectly, could lose its performance characteristics.

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