/ KNS: manufacturing. Sewage pumping station

CNS: manufacturing. Sewage pumping station

Buying a house in the country is wonderfulsolution for outdoor recreation. At the same time, there are some problems with the supply of electricity, as well as amenities in the form of a shower and a toilet. What if there is no central water supply and sanitation on the territory of the house? There are several options for solving this problem: from the toilet on the street with a cesspit to the sewerage station - KNS. The manufacture of such installations in our time has been undertaken by many plumbing companies, and this will be more suitable for convenience and comfort option. But before you buy such an installation, you should study its principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages, varieties and choose the suitable option for yourself.

Application area

Every room where people live, needsdrainage. This is very easy to do if there is a central sewer in the residential area or an installed septic tank. Nevertheless, the relief features of some territories do not allow implementing these options. Then the sewage pumping unit (KNS) comes to the rescue and is an ideal solution for a comfortable life outside the city. It allows pumping sewage to the nearby main system.

sewage pumping unit

CNS have found wide application in private homes, whereThe level of sewage outlets is located above sanitary facilities. To such consumers of water can include baths, saunas, swimming pools, where the water flow is very high, and they themselves are located in garages, basements or on the basement floors of premises.

Species of the CSN

If we study the domestic market of plumbinginstallations and products, it can be seen that the sewage pumping plant there are of two types - household and industrial. The latter, as one can understand by name, is not used in private houses, but finds application on an industrial scale, when it is necessary to collect effluents from several large objects. Household CNS (mini) is installed in cottages and private country houses. Another name is sololift. They are also divided into two types by the way of pumping out drains - from one bathroom or two or more.

Selecting a station variety

The need to install sewage pumping stations is due to only two reasons:

  1. The presence of toilets in the basement floors of the room.
  2. The presence of a nearby central trunk system.

Depending on this, solilift is selected eithera larger ANC. The installation of the first version is designed in such a way that it is mounted directly inside the bathroom between the toilet outlet and the sewer itself. Such a plant easily grinds household waste and therefore small diameter pipes can be used for it, which is a more economical option.

SPS manufacturing

The second option is the real CNS,only small sizes. Before its installation it is necessary to calculate the daily flow of water in the room and divide it into four. It is also possible to adjust the installation in such a way that it spends the most economical energy while maintaining the most efficient sewage transfer operation.

Composition of sewerage stations

What does the CNS consist of? Manufacturing it can be considered simplified, as the most ordinary drainage pit, like the ones that are located under the street toilets. Only it is also equipped with specialized pumps, which carry out the distillation of sewage to the central trunk system. If you look at the device of such stations in more detail, it is represented by a whole system: from the storage tank to the pipeline network, and requires before the installation of detailed design.

fabrication of CNC from fiberglass

Let's start with the consideration of sewage tanks of the KNU. They can be made of concrete and steel. However, in recent years, the manufacture of KPS from fiberglass has gained popularity. This material is composite and consists of seventy percent of glass fibers, which are in a binder by means of polyester resins. Fiberglass waste containers, in contrast to other types, have very high strength at a low enough weight, are able to withstand a high temperature range, and also have very high corrosion resistance. All this simplifies the design of the CNS and allows you to get a durable installation for a relatively low fee.

KNS sewerage

The second important part of sewerage systems -it's a fecal pump. Usually there are two of them - working and reserve. Their task is to raise the drains to the required level for further transportation to the sewer system through the pipeline system. It has special valves for controlling the operation of pumps.

The last component of the CNS system isfloat switches, which are designed to control the operation of the pump in full automation mode. The principle of their operation is based on raising and lowering the liquid level, which leads to the activation or deactivation of the pump, respectively.

How sewerage works

In fact, the operation principle of any CNS is veryis simple. At the moment when the drain tank is filled with drains above a certain level, the float switches start the pumps, which begin to pump the waste into the distribution tank. Then they enter the pipeline system and enter the sewerage system.

construction of CNS

If the room is smallpeople and the volume of waste is small, then one pump will suffice. With an increase in volume, it is possible to connect the second unit. The station in this case will automatically switch to the mode of increased load and optimally rebuild its work to save electricity.

CNS installation and start-up

Construction of the CNS is not quite simpleoccupation, since sewerage systems are rather difficult in terms of technical equipment, and this is best to entrust professionals to specialized firms.

The stations are installed in the pit, the dimensions of which should be as specified in the instructions. Its bottom is reinforced with slabs of reinforced concrete or poured with cement mortar.

CNS design

Then the pipeline is connected to the sewerage station - the supply and discharge pipes, as well as the power cable. All work is done according to the documentation for the design of such stations.

Installation of pumps with float switchesis performed strictly according to the instructions, and upon its completion an experimental launch of the CNS takes place. Sewerage of the central trunk system in case of correct setting should immediately fill with sewage.

Maintenance of sewerage systems

Many users of sewer pumpinginstallations is interested in the question of whether it is possible to carry out preventive maintenance for this equipment. Specialists do not recommend this. The best option will be a call of the master from a specialized firm that will perform all necessary work on inspection and routine maintenance of the CNS. The manufacture of individual elements and the repair of stations are also carried out by qualified specialists.

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