/ Why do not the anthuriums blossom? Anthurium - how to care? Anthurium - flowering

Why do not the anthuriums blossom? Anthurium - how to care? Anthurium - flowering

Flowers, and room including, give, usually,women. However, among them there are exceptions, intended primarily for men. These include the anthurium. He has a lot of popular names - his name is a pig's tail, a flower-flamingo, a devil's tongue. However, most of all he is known under the name "male happiness". It is believed that Anthurium personifies strength, freedom, passion, courage - those traits that characterize a true man. It is said that this flower, presented with a pure heart, will bring happiness, success and luck to the owner.

Unusual appearance

why the anthuriums do not bloom
Anthurium has leaves of a dark green color veryremarkable shape. Someone reminds them of arrowheads, someone - an image of the heart. Sheet plates are quite large, and can grow up to forty centimeters. And the main thing in this plant is a flower. Its middle is very elongated and resembles a corn cob. Depending on the variety, it can be pink, white, purple or yellow. And this inflorescence rises above the chic veil in the form of a wide heart, which in nature is usually white or green. The cultural forms are decorated with bright, colorful "robes" of pink, scarlet or violet shades. There are anthuriums in which the veil "in the spot".

Not an easy character

However, the spectacular exterior comes withcapriciousness and effeminacy. Even experienced gardeners, successfully managed with the quirks of their pets, having planted an anthurium flower, care is considered difficult. He needs clearly calibrated regimes - temperature and lighting, proper watering and constant care. Slightly overlooked - and ask yourself why the anthuriums do not bloom.

anthurium how to care

First of all - the light

The key to successful flowering is properplacing your plant. The best place for him is east or west, if the windows of your apartment go there. And to push the anthurium will be close to the glass - so he will get more sun. And if the direct light is too bright, the pot must be moved to the side where the sun will light it a little in passing. Direct, aggressive rays are one of the main reasons why the anthuriums do not bloom. So if only the southern window is at your disposal, it will have to be pritenyat or use a flower stand, pushed further into the room. Note: if you do not guess with the location, and the light will not be enough - flowering can also not wait. The northern window is more acceptable as long as the day is long enough; but when it begins to darken after three - turn on the fluorescent lamp.

With the temperature is not at all easier

anthurium bloom
If you work in the winter monthsdecently, then your apartment is quite suitable for this capricious. When flowering, the room should be no lower than +20 Celsius. Failure to comply with this rule is also the reason why the anthuriums do not bloom - they simply can not get involved in flower buds. However, if you have a heat in the house under 30, they too will not form. There is air conditioning - adjust. In winter, during the rest period, the temperature above 17 degrees to the plant will be harmful. In the absence of the required pre-rest, the subsequent flowering will not occur. So with well-functioning radiators you will have to come up with ways to cool the room.

There must not be drafts! Even a small and short wind will ruin your plant. And in the same way there should not be nearby heaters.

flower anthurium care

The subtleties of watering

And in this distinguished handsome anthurium. How to care for him in relation to the water regime? First of all, twice a day to spray, with room temperature water (accordingly, in the winter it should be cooler, in summer it should be warmer). And it is not taken from the tap, it must be permanent, as for watering. At the same time, if the water is hard in your area, it will not suit the anthurium. Many flower growers enjoy drinking, filtered - there are no calcium salts in it.

Watering should be generous, but not abundant and not too frequent, so that the roots do not rot. However, the soil should not dry out - this is another circumstance why the anthuriums do not blossom.

And the pot matters

Suppose you follow all the rules.Namely, groom and bear your anthurium, flowering, however, does not occur. Take a closer look at the container in which he lives. Maybe it has become too small for a plant. Particularly indicative may be individual roots, which have already sprouted through the holes to drain excess moisture. In this case, you have to change the pot. And here, too, has its own subtleties: a new vessel must be slightly larger than the old one - a centimeter to two or three in diameter. Pot take a wide, but squat: in high or too large in size anthurium bloom will refuse.

Additional reasons

does not bloom anthurium what to do
It happens that you have already tried all the methods, eliminated all the mistakes, but still - the anthurium does not bloom. What to do? Remember about less common "blunders" and get rid of them.

If you splash your flower twice a day, itshows the intention to blossom, but does not realize it - therefore, the humidity is still not enough. Try putting a bowl next to the plant with water or turn on the humidifier.

Waters, like, enough, the land for a long time does notdries up, and the flowers did not appear? Most likely, moisture simply stagnates in the pot. Maybe the balcony on which your anthuriums are located is too shaded or damp - this happens if the house is in a lowland or you live on the first floor. Water less often or provide more access to the sun for the plant.

There may be one more reason: on the stem there are buds that have already faded. They interfere with further processes, so that as they wither, they must be carefully cut off with a sharp knife or scissors.

Tsvel - and suddenly stopped!

There are even distressing situations.The saddest thing is when your anthurium blossoms as a square on holidays, and suddenly the riot of colors ceases. The most important mistake that inexperienced growers make and which causes such a sad result is watering. Or you did not track the change in overall temperature and humidity, or overdo it in an effort to provide the ward with everything necessary. Know: even when the anthurium blooms, water it in the old regime. They gave more water - stopped flowering. New watering should occur when the top layer of soil in the pot completely dry (its cracking and imitation of the Sahara does not need to wait). If the error is in this, fix the situation is simple: just adjust the watering mode. However, he will not give you flowers at once. And how to make anthurium bloom in this case? Just wait. As soon as his normal biorhythm normalizes, as soon as he recovers from overmoistening - support the plant with a light fertilizer for flowering decoratively, and then feed them every two weeks until mid-September. And the anthurium will not let you down!

how to make anthurium bloom

The last word

Almost no houseplant can do withoutdiseases and pests. For "male happiness" the scourge is rot - root and stem. To avoid them, follow one advice: do not fill your pet and watch the temperature! These troubles are born only in the wet earth, and even if the room is cool.

No less alarming is the blacktips of leaves. They show that there is a lot of calcium in the soil, and the plant will have to be transplanted urgently. Are the leaves curled? You put the pot in the wrong place: an anthurium or too dry, or it is burned by the sun, or, conversely, there is not much light, or somewhere in the frame, it's rolling.

Yes, you have to. However, if you are willing to spend time (and nerves) on the whims of anthurium, then its magnificent and unrestrained flowering will give you pleasure.

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