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Anthurium Scherzer: home care, description, reproduction and reviews

Walking past flower shops, you can oftensee a magnificent plant that at first sight seems artificial. Looking closer, you understand that in front of you of unusual beauty is the flower and its name is the anthurium of Scherzer. This is what I want to tell about this plant.

The natural environment of growth

Homeland Anthurium is in the wettropical forests of Central and South America. Most of it is common in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Wet tropical forests contribute to the favorable development of anthurium, and under these conditions it reaches a height of up to 1 meter. The thickets of this plant in natural conditions are simply breathtaking.

anthurium sherzer

To date, flowers of anthurium usefor cutting, while they stand in the compositions for up to 5 weeks. A variety of varieties, for example, Anturium Andre, is used today as a design for the design of offices and apartments.

This beauty, unfortunately, is not suitable forhome conditions, but for this a certain grade - Anthurium Scherzer - is derived. Anthurium belongs to the family Aroids and is inherently poisonous. Therefore, at home, it is desirable to keep it in a place where neither children nor animals can reach it. Especially this applies to cats, who often try to try to tooth all our favorite plants.


All anthuriums are perennials. The beauty of this flower lies in its unusual inflorescences, which are located high up from the leaves. It is not an ordinary flower, to which all are accustomed, it is a bright veil with an inflorescence in the form of an ear. The color of the bedspread can range from white to almost black, but the red color is most common.

The anthurium flower of Scherzer differs from othersvarieties of its miniature size and height is only 30 centimeters. Its main difference is an unusual spade, twisted into a spiral. Interestingly, it is from the type of the flower that the name (from Latin, anthos means "flower", and oura is translated as "tail", as a result, the flower is called the flower-tail, or "flower of the flamingo").

anthurium sherzer mix home care

It is noteworthy that the plant dissolves to 8flowers, and they keep for several months. Not only flowers are attractive in this plant, the anthurium of Scherzer possesses magnificent leaves: leathery, elongated and having a dark green color. Anthurium retains its decorativeness all year round.

Cultivation at home

Let us remind ourselves that the Anthurium isrepresentative of the tropics, which means that he needs scattered light. Put the flower in a fairly lit room, but so that it does not get direct sunlight. You might think that a shadow will work for its cultivation, but then you will get beautiful green leaves. Unfortunately, Scurzer's anthurium will not bloom under these conditions.

Temperature conditions for optimal conditionsit's easy to create. In summer, up to 25 degrees, and in winter is not lower than 16. It should be remembered that the plant does not like sudden changes in temperature, drafts and directional cold air.

In the tropics is very high humidity, so forthe well-being of an anthurium will require its spraying with water without chlorine and lime. You can put a vessel with a liquid near the pot. In no case do not fill the flower, it is better to undercharge than pour. This rule applies to all plants.

When the flower has faded, it is partially removed, up tohalf of the peduncle. And when it finally withers, it can be carefully removed from the leaf's sinus. It is interesting that the Anthurium begins to bloom only when the root system completely fills the pot. So do not put your pets in very large containers and when transplanting take the pot more than 1 centimeter than the previous one.

Interesting hybrid

Anthurium Scherzer mix is ​​a compact plant infamily of his fellow men. It differs in its miniature, the height of the mix is ​​not more than 20 centimeters. This is a hybrid, created from the two most common varieties of anthurium. Since these are plant breeders, they are adapted to room conditions and do not require much care.

anthurium sherzer flower

Due to its compact size, mixes can beplace on the window on the east or west side. And also to put nearby not one flower, but several plants at once. A variety of colors from white to bright red will decorate any room.

After such an acquisition your guests mustThey will ask: "What are these wonderful flowers you have on the window?" And in return will hear: "Anthurium Scherzer mix". Care at home is not a problem, and beauty is preserved all year round. The conditions for keeping these hybrids are the same as for all anthuriums.

Reproduction of anthurium

We will talk about the reproduction of the anthurium of Scherzer, after all, one will necessarily want someone to give the same flower. Or the flower has grown, and he needs a transplant.

To reproduce the anthurium flower of Scherzer, you canin several ways: by seeds, cuttings and lateral processes. We will not dwell on seed reproduction. This process is very laborious, and flowering can be expected no less than 4 years later.

The most effective method of reproduction isdivision of the bush, or cuttings. It is carried out by dividing an adult plant into separate cuttings. It is best to conduct this procedure in the spring. Pull the plant out of the pot and gently separate the young sprouts from the roots. Since anthurium grows in the tropics, it needs very loose soil. In this case, a substrate for orchids is suitable. The roots of the plant are hollow and easily damaged, so inspect the young cuttings for damage or disease. Remove all damaged roots and carefully plant in a new pot.

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One small nuance:Do not take a very large pot. The plant develops best in a small pot, when the roots are completely braided by an earth clod. After planting, the young plants are covered with a film or a packet. So you create them a good humidity and conditions that are close to natural.

Reviews of happy owners

Anthurium Scherzer, care for which does not representspecial work for amateurs-flower growers, causes a huge number of enthusiastic utterances. Many speak of the flower as unpretentious, blooming throughout the year. Others are attracted by his elegance, and they enthusiastically responded to the exotic, although they add that it is required for him to create close to natural conditions. Great humidity and sufficient lighting can create some difficulties.

anthurium sherzer mix

Varieties of the variety of Scherzer is very much, and allthey are attractive in their own way. There are variegated varieties, in specks, with a huge cob, twisted in the form of a spiral with several curls. They are all very beautiful. Acquire them - and you will never regret. They will please your view more than one year.

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