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Concrete floor in the garage. Process description

When we plan to make the floor in the garage, wewe wonder which of the many known options for their arrangement we choose. In order to determine the option, we have to weigh all the pros and cons with respect to each type of coverage. Often, many choose their choice of what is done in the garage floor of concrete. In more detail about this - in this article.

concrete floor in the garage

In order to carry out the concrete floor in the garage,First, you need to thoroughly prepare the base. This process needs to be given special attention. There are two types of grounds - this is an old coating and a primer. Each type has a unique approach.

  • To equip the concrete floor in the garage on the oldyou need to prepare it properly. Fix all cracks, if any, with a mixture of sand and cement. Sites that are not subject to repair, you need to completely dismantle, then pour it all over again. Differences in height should be removed with a special milling machine, and only then proceed to pour the floor.
    concrete floor in the garage
  • When the foundation is carried out on the ground,the way to start pouring, you need to carefully compact the soil, so that then there is not even the slightest drawdown. After that, you need to make a sand pillow and also it is well tampered with. The thickness of the pillow itself depends on many factors: the level of vadose, the degree of freezing, and what is the basis.

Do not forget about the protection of concrete floorsfrom moisture, you need to use all possible waterproofing materials on bitumen base, a membrane of polymer or a conventional polyethylene film.

When the floors are made of concrete on a large area, formwork is used, and it can also be used as a guide, but then it must coincide with the relief of all deformation seams.

Pouring of concrete floor

pouring concrete floors in the garage
in the garage is not possible without laying the fittings. For this purpose, a special wire with a diameter of 5 mm is used, and the size of the cells of the reinforcement is 150 * 150 mm. If the coating is exposed to a very high mechanical load, the thickness of the concrete floor in the garage should be greater. Then it is necessary to create a reinforcing cage of reinforcement with a wire diameter of 0.8-1.6 cm, or a reinforcement mesh. This is an important point. Concrete floor in the garage begins to be filled only after all the preparatory
thickness of the concrete floor in the garage
works: ramming the soil, laying the waterproofing, preparing the formwork and installing the reinforcing cage. The filling can be performed either manually or with an auto concrete mixer. If he can drive up to the place of execution of the pouring works, then the concrete is unloaded directly from it to the prepared base. If you can not drive up, or the pouring is carried out at some elevation, then in this case it is necessary to use a concrete pump. After the filling is completed, it is necessary to treat the concrete floor in the garage with a device such as a screed. To do this, set the guides to the zero mark and level the concrete mixture along the guides.

After the execution of concreting, we wait for complete drying out, and the floor is ready.

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