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Apple tree: planting and care of seedlings

If you want your site to be adorned with a regularly fruit bearing apple tree, planting and caring for this luxurious and useful tree should be thoroughly studied by you.

care after apples after planting
First you need to choose a variety carefully. Then decide how and where to place the seedling. And if all the conditions are met properly, then caring for apples after planting will not give you almost no trouble. This tree will be a worthy decoration of the garden and will be fruitful.

Apple tree: planting and care

First you need to choose a variety. This will help to relate their capabilities to the peculiarities of caring for fruit trees. Varieties differ in terms of maturation. Early apple trees (White pouring, Papirovka) give fruits that reach ripeness in mid-August. They are usually stored for a very short time. Autumn varieties (Melba, Cinnamon striped, Korean) mature in September, the fruit storage period for them reaches three weeks. Winter apples (Antonovka, Moscow winter, Welsey, Aport and others) can be stored in some cases until the spring of next year. It is not possible to list all varieties of apple trees. However, you need to study the features of a few that are particularly attractive to you and remember them well.

apple tree planting and care
This will help to avoid falling into the tricks of the uncleanThe hand of people selling seedlings in spontaneous markets. But the best protection against substitution of a variety is the purchase of apple trees in nurseries and from trusted firms. A seeded seedling will meet your expectations, while a random tree, showing its features only after the beginning of fruiting, can be very disappointing. It may turn out that this is wild, and not an apple-tree antonovka. Planting and caring for several trees is quite possible for an average summer resident. It will be appropriate if you plant a couple of seedlings of summer varieties and the same number of autumn and winter. A two-year-old tree should have a well-developed root system. The apple seedlings are treated with clay solution. This helps not to break fragile roots. Take a closer look at the vaccine site - it should be clearly visible on the seedling. To diagnose his condition, you can break the branch at the very end and examine the bark. If it is fresh and wet, then everything is in order. If the bark is dry, then the seedling is likely to be unfit.

You bought an apple tree. What's next?

Buy a tree is best in autumn or earlyin the spring. At the same time, the seedling is rooted - in this case your apple tree (planting and care for which was carried out according to all the rules) is highly likely to be adopted.

apple tree antonovka planting and care
Pits make the size of a meter per meter for talltrees and fifty to fifty centimeters for pygmy. Their depth should be about seventy centimeters. Pre-excavated pits are heated and ventilated, so it is better to land. They need to put fertilizer - ash, turf, humus. From above put fertile fertile soil and already plant a seedling on it. Filling the pit to half the earth, it is necessary to moisten the soil and only then finish the landing. Watering in the next few days should be intense. The first thing the young apple-tree requires is planting and caring for the near-barrel circle. The earth in this place needs to be constantly loosened and remove all the weeds from there. Also it needs to be fed with nitrogenous fertilizers.

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