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What is Cyclamen care at home?

Plants have always given joy. Here and in the cold season, from boredom and despondency rescues a beautiful cyclamen flower, conveniently located on the windowsill. It is difficult to name the place where this flower does not grow, probably only at the north pole. So far, the origin of this flower has not been established: whether North-East Africa, whether Iran, or the Mediterranean region. Whatever it was, it's not so important, the main thing is that cyclamen are loved not only by avid flower lovers, but by ordinary people.

They say that the cyclamen is very fastidiousa plant and that not always it can be pleased. There is a certain amount of truth in this, but nevertheless, these data are significantly exaggerated: caring for a cyclamen in the home is almost no different from caring for other indoor plants. Is it only a little.

If you decide to acquire such beauty, then you still will not hurt to learn how to care for the cyclamen. It should be noted that the period of plant life is notquite ordinary. It blossoms, as a rule, in the autumn-winter period, and after it turns into a real "hibernation": the leaves either fall off themselves, or they must be cut off. Perhaps, therefore, care for the cyclamen at home in these periods is slightly different.

If you take good care of thisplant, then with its flowering, it can rejoice you and 10-12 years. Many mistresses know firsthand how a cyclamen dies without living for three years. This happens when irrigation, lighting and fertilizer regimes are not respected, and various diseases often infect this flower.

To cyclamen blossom well, plant it innot too large pot, while the tuber should approximately only the fourth part of it be in the ground. This is the peculiarity of this plant. During the flowering period, the cyclamen needs special care, because in order for you to enjoy the beauty of several bright flowers, the plant must give a lot of energy. To ensure that these forces do not run low, the cyclamen need a moderate temperature, heat, as well as a strong cold, he does not tolerate. Optimal for flowering plants is the air temperature of 12-15 degrees. During this period, the cyclamen needs more lighting, but this does not mean that direct sunlight should fall on him. This circumstance is simply detrimental to the flower. Care for cyclamens at home during the flowering period implies a constant watering, however, you need to ensure that you do not pour the flower, otherwise the tuber can be rotten. By the way, water cyclamen as follows: water poured into a container or a plate and put in it a pot of flower, in the bottom of which necessarily holes are made.

Contents cyclamen at home afterthe end of flowering is slightly different. As a rule, the leaves of the plant fall off themselves, but if this does not happen, they must be unscrewed or cut with special scissors. Cut the leaves as close as possible to the tuber, but you must do this very carefully, so as not to damage the plant. The processed flower should be taken away in a cool darkened place. Watering at this time is significantly reduced, but still, you need to monitor the fact that the soil in the pot did not dry up. As soon as the plant leaves leaves, this indicates the beginning of the preparation of the flower for a new period of flowering. With the release of the plant from hibernation, it should again be transferred to the illuminated place, increasing the watering simultaneously.

As you can see, care of cyclamens in the homeconditions is not so complicated. It is worth adding that the plant should be periodically fertilized: it is done every 2 weeks. Use for this purpose a special mineral fertilizer for flowering plants. Fertilize the plant is not necessary when it is in a period of tranquility.

How long will your plant live, in many respectsdepends on the state in which you bought it. You can, of course, buy his tubers, plant and wait for a couple of years, when the cyclamen will blossom. But if you buy an already grown flower, then make sure that it has a healthy appearance, and its tubers were smooth and only a fourth part is lowered into the ground.

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