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High vase for flowers with own hands

Floor vases for many centuriesare an excellent decoration of the house. In the time of ancient civilizations, there were already large vases. They were used not only for flowers, but also for the storage of granular substances. Now there is no problem in choosing beautiful outdoor vases. But it is better if this piece of interior will be made with the caring hands of the owners of the house. In addition, it will help to save the family budget.

History of floor vases

In ancient Greece, vases were used for storagevarious liquids and granular substances. A compulsory subject in the Middle Ages was a high floor vase in the homes of aristocrats. It symbolized prosperity and prosperity. Since that time, little has changed. Now this subject can be seen in hotels, in country houses, and in beauty salons. They look always stylish and create a refined atmosphere in the room.

high floor vase
Ideally, a high floor vase should be between 40 cm and 1.5 meters in size. But there are also very high specimens - up to the ceiling.

What can I make an outdoor vase?

There are many materials for creativity. Everything that resembles a high vase can be used to turn into a work of art as a result. These are various plastic bottles and bottles, large glass vessels, cardboard packages in the form of tubes, pipes made of plastic and metal.

vases high with their own hands
Auxiliary materials will be ropes,paper, salted dough, stones and even pasta. A high floor vase can be produced by using the papier-mache method. From the newspaper tubes, you can make a very pretty wicker.

Plastic floor vases

From plastic bottles, the originalvases floor. Plastic high constructions are light in weight. Therefore, for their stability they become heavier. To create a few plastic bottles of two liters.

vases, plastic, plastic

To begin with, you need to cut off the upper and lower parts of ybottles and insert them into each other. The bottom of the future vase is not necessary to cut. Then you need to paste a toilet paper or paper kitchen towels into the structure in several layers. In doing so, use PVA glue. The last layer should be with an ornament created with the help of a paper soaked in a glue. It is fixed with aerosol paint. Very impressive will be a vase in bronze, gold and copper colors. To the high floor vase stood on the floor and did not fall, inside you can pour decorative stones.

Glass vases

To create such a vase you can buy readyA transparent vase or take a large glass bottle. You can decorate it with a thick rope. To fix it to the surface of the glass, it is convenient to use an adhesive gun.

To apply a decorative pattern, you canuse a transparent sealant. To begin with, the surface of the glass must be cleaned thoroughly with acetone. Now you can apply a pattern. It can be anything, for example, repeating the texture of the bark of a tree. The billet should be left to dry for 24 hours. Then you can start painting the vase. You can use two or three colors. Depending on the pattern and idea of ​​the author. It is better to take acrylic paint in a can for even spraying. Vases floor, high, with their hands zadekorirovannye under the tree, look great with autumn bouquets.

high decorative vases

In order to create a pattern on a cylindricalglass vase, you can use office supplies. They need to be pulled on the vase in a chaotic order, and then - to spray paint. Get a stylish striped pattern.

Vases floor, high, glass can be simplydecorate with various objects (coins, buttons, ribbons, croups). In the shops for needlework, you can buy paints for stained glass and create your own work of art from a simple glass bottle.

Vase from glass jars

Original floor vases for flowers, high andnot very, can turn out, if you take two 3-liter jars (preferably with a wide neck). They must be glued together with bottoms. Glue for this purpose is suitable for any glass. To make the vase more stable, the lower jar needs to be filled with resin. The neck of the lower can is covered with a disc or with any round object (for stability). After the glued banks dry, they need to be puttied and dyed. And you can use the papier-mache method and then apply a decorative pattern. To create a vase in the marine style, use ropes, shells and small pebbles. The technique of decoupage from napkins gives room for imagination in decorating an outdoor vase.

Vase from a cardboard packing cylinder

The cylinder from a dense cardboard on whichthe linoleum is wound up. You can ask for it in the building stores. Next, you can give any shape to the product using papier-mâché or a plaster mixture. For stability to the bottom, glue a circle of plywood. Decorate - in any known way: cloth, rope, eggshell, shell from nuts. Beautifully these vases look like three in one composition. For this, they can be glued to one wooden base. The height of the vases must be different.

Vase from the pipe

The craftsmen learned how to make vases floor,tall with their own hands from a plumbing or plumbing pipe. It can be bought at a household or specialized store. After it can be pasted with newspaper sheets or thin paper. After drying, apply a universal primer. An interesting solution for decorating such a vase will be pasting it with a natural tree bark. In order to disinfect the collected material and get rid of bugs, you need to perform a number of actions. The bark must be boiled and left in this water for about a day. After that, it should be dried for 2 days. Glue bark can be any glue that is suitable for wood and plastic. The bottom of the pipe is poured with gypsum mortar or resin. Above, the surface of the bark is covered with yacht lacquer. It takes several layers.

vases, floor, high, glass

As a result, high decorative floor vases are obtained, which will ideally look in any design of the room. Especially when it comes to fashionable ecological style.

An outdoor vase made of newspaper tubes

For country-style wicker vases are perfect. If a vine or a rattan is difficult to get, then for the weaving will perfectly fit newspaper ducts. First you need to familiarize yourself with the technique for creating these rods. So, you need a stack of newspapers, PVA glue and a lid from a pot or frying pan. To make flagella, it is enough to twist the sheet of the newspaper from one corner to the other. If you are new to the weaving, then the bottom is best made of cardboard. But you can also weave it together. Then bend the twigs up and begin to weave the leg of the vase. Then you need to make the vase expand. To do this, the case has a lid of a larger diameter than the foot of the vase itself. We put it in the middle of the weaving and continue to weave more rows 12-15. To narrow the vase to the neck, you need to use an elastic band. The rim of the vase can expand again. In the end, the remaining rods are braided so that a pigtail is formed along the edge of the vase. We remove unwanted remains of tubules. Everything, the vase is almost ready. It remains only to cover it with paint or stain, and after - apply a varnish.

vases flooring high with their own hands from the pipe

Such inexpensive and unbreakable vases are suitable for those who have small children and animals at home.

Square vase from the box

To create a square vase is suitable for a conventional cardboard box of a suitable shape. If this is not the case, you can correct the shape of the box at hand with a stapler or glue.

Many do not even believe that from a simple cardboard vases are obtained high high with their own hands. The master class given below will help the needlewomen create a miracle.

For work you will need:

  • decontamination wipes;
  • adhesive for decoupage or PVA, diluted with water;
  • cardboard box;
  • paper;
  • scissors;
  • acrylic primer and paint;
  • aerosol and water-based paints;
  • varnish;
  • PVA glue.

To ensure that all layers are firmly on the box, you needgrease it with a primer. After drying, you can begin to glue pieces of ruptured paper with PVA. A few layers are enough. After drying, apply a layer of water-based paint. Again, dry, and only after that you can apply a layer of the main paint, the color that will be the future vase. To give the surface relief, we crumple the napkin and glue it to the surface. Now we cover with a paint (already another shade) this relief. Using stencils, you can apply patterns to the vase.

Wooden floor vases with their own hands

The vase is floor, decorative, high with its own hands can be made of wooden brusochkov. It will have a square shape. Height and width depend on the master's preferences.


  • four plates of elongated, rectangular shape;
  • one wooden square (this is the bottom of the vase);
  • PVA glue;
  • screws;
  • mastic for seaming joints;
  • acrylic paint;
  • decorative elements.

All parts of the future vase are folded and stapled withusing glue and screws. Seams and cracks should be filled with mastic. Leave for a day to dry. After that you need to remove the residual mastic and sand the surface with a plume-machine. You can make a vase in any way. It is best to look at this vase pattern or ornament, stencilled and painted.

How to choose the right vase in the room?

To properly choose an outdoor vase, you need to consider the following factors:

  • the size of the room;
  • design;
  • the purpose of the vase;
  • number of pieces of furniture.
    vases floor-high hands-on master class

For a room small in size fitflat in form vases and not very large. For large rooms, tall and wide vases of various shapes are suitable. If there are carpets and curtains with ornament in the interior, then it is better to choose vases with a smooth and shiny surface. Vases with a large texture, notches and patterns will look good in a calm and reserved environment of the room.

You can place vases at the window, between the armchairs, in a niche, near a wall or in a corner. To the bright vase is not lost, it does not need to be placed close to the furniture.

Before decorating a room with ethnic objects, it is worthwhile to study all ornaments and drawings. Does not the hieroglyphs mean something that is not quite decent.

If you need an outdoor vase only for flowers, it is better to give preference to a white or transparent vase. Bright colors and trim will distract attention from the beauty of the bouquet.

A fashionable technique is to place together the vases of one style, but different in color or texture.

The main condition - it is necessary that the outdoor vase pleased the eye and liked the owners of the house.

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