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How to replant an anturium so that it does not dry up and releases new arrows and leaves?

Anthurium is considered one of the most elegant,unusual and beautiful indoor pot plants. The home anturium of the hostess is valued for brilliant bright green leaves and unusual wax flowers that stand long enough in the water and keep on the plant. In this article you will learn about what kinds of flowers exist, how to replant an anturium, how to take care of it.

How to transplant Anthurium

Unusual name of the plant in translation fromGreek means "flower-tail." It is also called "flower-flamingo". Scientists have more than one thousand varieties of a potty pet, and every year they discover new unknown varieties. Many anthuriums have been found in the humid tropical forests of southern and central America.


The most unpretentious in care and cultivationare such varieties as Scherzer and Andre-Anthurium. Photos of these colors are shown below. On the basis of these two species, a number of other, equally remarkable species were bred by breeders. It is these varieties that are grown most often at home. Leaves of a heart-shaped form reach a length of more than 30 cm, inflorescences have a diverse color: pink, green, white, red, speckled and bicolour.

Plant transplantation

Buying flowers, many home loversplants are faced with the problem of how to replant an anthurium and how to care for it. The flamingo flower loves warmth and moist air (about 85%), as well as bright, but at the same time sparse, not direct light. Due to lack of light, flowering becomes worse, the leaves get a different shape. The temperature that suits the anthurium should not be more than 18-20 degrees Celsius. The home decorative pot plant needs constant fertilizing, for this fertilizer in pellets or liquid humus is perfect. Periodically, the leaves of the anthurium can be rinsed from the shower on both sides. Due to this watering, the flower not only moistens the leaves and inflorescences, but all the pests are also washed off from it. With proper care, the green decoration can please its flowering all year round.

Anthurium. A photo

How to transplant Anthurium?

Plant transplantation, as well as flower maintenance inin general, require special treatment and attention. It is often not necessary to transplant an anturium, t. it does not grow intensively. Also, do not put the flower in a too large pot, because it will actively develop the root system, instead of throwing out new branches and leaves. Therefore, for the first time to change the pot for this amazing decorative flower costs a year after the acquisition. Soil fits the universal, the same as for all types of indoor plants. It must be poured over a layer of expanded clay. The root system should be carefully placed in a pot and sprinkled with fresh fertilized soil. It is not necessary to transplant the plant into a new pot immediately after the purchase, because it experiences stress. It takes several weeks for him to get used to a new place and conditions.

If you decide to give the plant a new beautifulpot, it's better to wait for spring. Since transplanting anthurium is best at this time. At the same time, you can divide the root system for reproduction.

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