/ / Buglerian stove, made with their own hands, taking into account all the rules, is an alternative solution for heating the room

Furnace bugleran, made with their own hands, taking into account all the rules, is an alternative solution for heating the room

Furnace boulerian is a good economical optionfor heating the home. It allows you to quickly heat the air and keep the temperature in the room at the desired level. The main advantage of this device is that it has a high efficiency. Also, unlike other furnaces, this device does not burn oxygen in the surrounding space, but heats the room. Because of not particularly complex design, you can make a bugler yourself. This will be discussed in our article.

What is a bugler

This construction is made of strong metal, to whicha plurality of tubes are connected. They help to warm up the room quickly enough. The lower tubes are fed with cold air, and through the upper comes out warm.

How to make a self-made bakediran

To create such a stove, you can use a water boiler or build a structure of metal, using a welding machine for this.

If, nevertheless, when constructing a boulevard with your own hands, youUse a steam boiler, in which the bottom wall needs to be cut out for air supply. At the top of the boiler, several circular holes are made to exit the already warmed air into the room. On them, you can fix the tube. This is done by welding. Then they are stretched corrugated pipe.

Further, making boulevard with their own hands,Install a pipe inside the boiler. It will ensure the supply of hot air and thereby create a forced flow of cold flow for its further heating.

how to make a bullion yourself

For the withdrawal of smoke you need to build a chimney. It can be any: made of brick or from a metal pipe of small diameter. The choice in this case depends on your own preferences. In addition, for a chimney, an asbestos-cement pipe is sometimes used. The smoke entering it has a low temperature, therefore, cracks will not appear on it.

With regard to the safe operation of such a furnace, it will be installed correctly at a distance of not less than 1.5 m from flammable surfaces and substances.

Doing booleryan with your own hands, we must not forget aboutthe fact that it must be fixed to a pole with a height of more than 20 cm. This contributes to its safety during operation and ensures a better air exchange. Install this design can be on a stand made of brick and mortar, or use a car wheel from the wheel.

bakerin stove

How does the bakeran stove work with its own hands?

For the operation of such a furnace, any kind ofsolid fuel. The efficiency of this device reaches 80 percent. Bugleran, made with his own hands, has such adjustment systems:

  • power control on the door;
  • system of oxygen supply on the chimney.

And so this design can work:

  • in the mode of normal air heating, that is, there is a constant supply of fuel to maintain the required temperature (this process is used in simple furnaces);
  • the use of a different mode of heating the room allows to keep the heat at the desired level for more than 12 hours (it is enough to lay the wood once - and the combustion process will pass gradually).


Bugleran, built with his own hands, will work regularly for many years. Use it, for example, to heat the garage, cottage, private house, you can also install it in the greenhouse.

Because of its popularity, the bakerine furnace was also produced in the production. This indicates the importance and necessity of such an adaptation.

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