/ How to care for a palm tree at home. Useful recommendations

How to care for a palm tree at home. Useful recommendations

how to care for a palm tree at home

Exotic palm plant has long been adoptedin our apartments. Small trees look very original and original. They successfully complement the interior of both offices and conventional apartments. However, to grow a beautiful and healthy tree, you need to know how to care for a palm tree at home. After all, this plant was brought to our country from the hot tropics. Therefore, for its healthy development, it is necessary to create certain conditions.

How to care for a palm tree?

First you need to decide on the choice of plants. To do this, you need to evaluate the conditions of the room, in which the green "friend" will be located. Some palms require high temperature and humidity. Such species include areca, cariota and coconut. Rapis, hoeve and geonome will be quite moderate enough temperatures. And such varieties as a hamerop and brochea, and at all prefer cool premises. How to care for a palm tree at home? The room in which the tree will be located should be quite spacious and bright. Be sure to shade the palm from falling scorching sun rays. In addition, this exotic tree does not tolerate the neighborhood with other plants. Therefore, the palm should be taken away a separate room. It is recommended to place a pot with a plant away from the windows and drafts, since the roots of the tree are very sensitive to temperature changes.

how to care for a palm tree


How to care for a palm tree at home? This plant belongs to the hygrophilous. In summer, it should be watered often enough, in winter - a little less often. The leaves of the palm should be periodically sprinkled, and from two sides. The plant does not tolerate dry air. Therefore, it will be very good for him if a humidifier appears in the room.


Considering the question of how to care for a palm treeat home, you can not fail to mention the transplant. Young plants should be "moved" annually to a new pot. The tree is older than three years - every four years, when the root system completely fills the entire pot. The fact is that these plants do not tolerate the transplant very well. Even a minor injury to the roots can be disastrous for them. For planting it is best to use a mixture consisting of peat and sand, as well as a small amount of leaf and sod land. You can also add a little charcoal. At the bottom of the flowerpot it is necessary to pour the drainage. When transplanting, you need to carefully inspect the plant, remove rotten roots.

how to care for a palm tree at home

Additional fertilizing

How to care for a palm tree at home? Do not forget to fertilize the soil from time to time. After all, the leaves of the palm grow throughout the growing season. It is best to use fertilizers containing potassium and manganese. The lack of these substances can lead to yellowing of the leaves. To feed a tree in the spring-summer season you need once a week.


Remove dead old leaves only incase, if young people appeared instead of them. Some gardeners are advised to cut off the roots when transplanting, if they formed a dense cushion in the bottom of the vase. This can be done with a special garden knife. However, immediately after transplantation, the palm should not be fed with fertilizers.

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