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Landscape design lessons: hydrangea tree, planting and care

Among the indisputable plant-favorites that adornfront gardens and garden areas, hydrangea confidently takes first place. This shrub, numbering more than a dozen varieties, looks great both as a hedge and as an independent decorative element. Especially spectacular are hydrangeas-trees with lush inflorescences in the form of balls of snow-white, tender pink, bright blue flowers.

Let's get to know each other

hydrangea tree planting and care
Let's talk more about what constituteshydrangea tree, planting and care for her, and also discuss many other nuances. To begin with - the name, given to the plant is not accidental. That's the name of the princess (Hortensia), the Frenchwoman, the sister of one of the influential courtiers Catherine II, the admiral of the Russian fleet Nassau-Siegen. The young woman was very fond of lush, airy, elegant dresses from the finest light fabrics, those same white, pink and blue shades, which are inherent in the plant. They were very similar - an aristocratic girl and an incomparable beauty tree. Therefore, when it came to talking about how to call the wonderful shrub brought to Russia from China, it was not necessary to puzzle over the naturalists for a long time. Thanks to the botanist Philibert Kommerson, the hydrangea is tree-like (planting and care of the plant is quite simple) was called this way.

Growth of culture in Asian countries. The hydrangea in America, and also in some areas of Russia and the Far East, has perfectly taken root. In botany, the culture is called Hydrangea - "water-loving" (literally - "a vessel filled with water"). This is connected with the shape of the seed capsules, and with a special traction of the plant to moisture. There are species such as hydrangea large-leaved, potted, tree-like, winding, paniculate, and others. Each of them has its own peculiarities and is magnificent in its own way.

Care of the plant

hydrangea tree-like photo
So, hydrangea is tree-like: planting and care means the presence of the following factors. The soil for the tree is needed sour. If near you grow coniferous trees, you need to bring and add to the soil a layer of soil with coniferous humus. Another option - acid fertilizer. The composition of the soil should be the same proportion of parts of sand, leaf soil, turf, ordinary earth and peat. By the way, such soil is generally loved by small shrubs: heather, broom, rhododendron, and not just hydrangea tree. Planting and care of all of them are very similar.

But back to our beauty. It reproduces mostly by cuttings, streaming - it's easier and easier than dealing with seeds. It is not only acidity and moisture that are important. Still it takes enough sun, because the plant loves light and warmth. However, even in the scattered penumbra this species feels great. The only thing that really bites the bush is frosts. Therefore, in winter, the hydrangea should be insulated, sprinkling with branches of fir, straw or by digging the cut rods into the snow. And in the hot season the hydrangea is tree-like, the photo of which is represented here, needs systematic watering.

Cuttings are suitable for healthy processes with a goodroot system, flexible, with green, not ligneous skin. They are planted in pits with a width of 60 cm, and depth - about 50 cm. This is done in the early spring before the movement of juices. Shrubs are formed at the age of 4 years, gradually turning into a tree in the height of one and a half meters. To abundantly bloom hydrangea tree, pruning is required every year. Flowering begins around mid-summer.


hydrangea tree pruning
As already mentioned, the "native" color of the hydrangeathe tree is white or pink. But you can get a blue one without any problems. For this there is one trick: once in 2 weeks, water the plant with water with an admixture of aluminum sulphate. Then the white flowers have a rich azure hue - the most amazing sight!

Look after your garden, let it please you at any time of the year!

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