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Caring for an Anthurium in the Home Conditions

Anthurium is otherwise called a flamingo flower orfiery tongue. Its hard dark green leaves reach a length of forty centimeters and grow on solid long petioles. Anthurium is interesting because the color year round is practically without any interruption. This is an absolutely wonderful plant, which captivates the hearts of its admirers with amazing beauty, is very fanciful, so caring for an anthurium at home requires a special approach. Anthurium is now very popular among fans of tropical plants, because it can have a different color and original, even exotic form.

But not everyone knows how to care for an anturium inhome conditions. This flower is so capricious that many of its species can grow and develop in our latitudes only in well-heated greenhouses.

Anthurium content in the home issome specific features. To this beautiful flower every day to please our hearts with its amazing appearance, you must strictly observe the regime of humidity and illumination.

The flower needs to be provided with diffused lighting orpenumbra, which the anthurium also tolerates well enough, but there must be a lot of light. Then the flowers will be bright and beautiful. But direct rays of sunlight should be avoided. Properly selected heat and moisture regime also contribute to a good growth of the flower.

In summer, the air temperature should not dropbelow eighteen degrees of heat, and from September to February - no higher than fifteen-sixteen. On the other hand, if you want to see an anthurium flower earlier than usual, in January the temperature should be gradually increased to 20-25 degrees. Water for watering the plant should be taken well-settled, boiled or simply soft, and it should be warm.

To water a plant in the summer it is necessary plentifully, but in thatHowever, the flower should be protected from waterlogging, in any case not allowing the roots to rot, for this you must make sure that the water does not accumulate in the pan. But the leaves of the flower should be sprayed with water as often as possible.

Anthurium content at home requiresmindfulness - after all, it so often happens that you leave a flower in a draft or in a cool place, or suddenly the soil will dry up - so a green darling suddenly becomes sad ... On the other hand, one can not but rejoice the fact that anthuriums are extremely ill, and indeed pests do not like them either.

Care for an anturium at home shouldbe very careful. Not all species are suitable for breeding at home. The most suitable is the anthurium of Scherzer. Not bad at home you can grow an Anturium Andre and Anthurium majestic.

Specially for planting and transplanting plantsit is necessary to use a special soil mixture consisting of humus, earth, peat and sand. It is not bad to add a little charcoal and leaf earth to the mixture.

And adding to the soil pieces of broken brick orcut foam will provide good ventilation for the roots. Pots for planting anthurium must be taken wide and flat and necessarily with drainage.

Caring for an anthurium at home requiresobligatory carrying out of additional dressings. Feeding should be done twice a month, alternating organic and mineral fertilizers. Especially useful is feeding at a time when the leaves begin to grow actively.

Anthurium care at homesuggests that the plant should be protected from sunlight, which can primarily cause burns ... As probably all other plants, anthurium can be damaged by decay, scab and spider mites - the condition of the plant should be carefully monitored and, if necessary, just wash the water with leaves and stems.

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