/ Delicate baked goods. Planting and care

Delicate baked goods. Planting and care

Very rarely in the gardens there is such a plant,as a sweetener. Planting and caring for this flower is not so difficult, but the flower growers are not in a hurry to acquire it. The plant comes from Altai, grows mainly in the mountainous area, because it belongs to the family of stone-lipped. This is a very hardy perennial, which can safely be in the same place for decades, it is suitable for depleted soil, stones, even the most sultry weather will persistently carry the bananas.

baladin planting and care
Landing and caring for him are only inplacing it in a place protected from the wind, periodic irrigation and fertilizing with fertilizers. Appears early in the spring of spring, and in April and May already blooms red and white flowers. Our climatic conditions are not quite suitable for him, although the plant tolerates severe winters, but here the first leaves necessarily blacken from night frosts.

Flower budan does not tolerate overmoistening, it is excellentHe feels himself on stony, dry slopes. The plant can grow in the sun, in the shade or penumbra. But it must be remembered that in a well-lit place the flower blooms, but slowly grows. In the shade, it grows much faster, but the flowering is too meager. Over time, the plant grows, spreading all around, so at a distance of 50 cm from each other it is necessary to plant bahtan.

Planting, care and reproduction of this flower at allare simple. When the snow melts in the spring, it is necessary to remove the decayed leaves from the bushes, but they should not be cut off, because they perfectly retain moisture and nourish the rhizomes. Approximately at the same time it is recommended to make fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. Repeat this procedure should be after half a month after flowering. Fertilizer accelerates the growth of new leaves.

bédan flower
Badans do not belong to those plants thatlove frequent transplants. They feel very well in the same place for several decades. If the flower is transplanted more often than once in eight years, then it can only achieve a deterioration in appearance. Since the earliest spring and until late autumn, the eye of its foliage is pleased with the bananas. Planting and caring for this flower is quite simple, the latter is only in the periodic irrigation and removal of the affected leaves.

Propagation of the plant propagation by cuttings, seeds ordivision of adult bushes. If grown from seeds, then the balean will grow very slowly, bloom only for the third year. For propagation, healthy plants with well-developed leaves are suitable. Root can be rooted throughout the summer immediately after the end of the flowering period. Such plants bloom for the second year. The easiest way is when the bushes grow well, divide them and so multiply the bahan.

banana landing care
Planting and caring for this plant completelysimple, and it perfectly suits our conditions, keeping in winter very low temperatures. Water it often is not necessary, because the leaves can rot. Badan belongs to evergreen plants, so in winter its appearance slightly spoils. In early spring, it is necessary to remove shrunken and banned leaves, leaving only young and healthy. With proper care, the oil will gladden its greens all season, and in spring it will be tender flowers.

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