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Lilies - planting and caring for the imperial flowers

In nature, there are many beautiful flowers,and among them - lilies. Planting and caring for these perennial herbaceous plants are quite simple. Sowing seeds, in the first year you can get small bulbs, and for the second year they will bloom. The lilies belong to the lily family. Features of the genus - bulbs, elongated sheets with venation along the parallel, flowers of six petals, with a three-nest ovary and six stamens.

lily planting and care

Need friable, water-permeable, nutritious soilfor the lily. Planting in the spring is usually done. Flowers do not like stagnation of water. Most Asian species, as well as tubular ones are grown in open spaces. But still they can not be planted close to trees, where too often shaded and dried up soil.

For the lily, planting and care is very necessaryattentive. So the soil should be prepared in advance, because it is a perennial plant, and at the same place it will grow 3-5 years without transplantation. On heavy soils before planting bulbs, humus, peat, sand. It is important to remember that the overabundance of organic fertilizers causes the increased and rapid growth of the aboveground parts to the detriment of the formation of healthy strong bulbs, reduces resistance to diseases, winter hardiness, and weakens flowering.

lily planting in spring

How do lilies start? Planting and nursing begins with the planting of bulbs in autumn or spring. Most lilies prefer early fall planting. The best time is September. If the month is warm, then bulbs can take root. If frosts come early, then the flowers should be covered with warming material.

It is important to maintain the soil of the lily (planting andrequire special efforts) in a loose, clean from weeds, wet condition, protect flowers from pests and make fertilizing. The leaves of this plant are very sensitive to water, so to avoid moisture on them, they are watered under the root. It is advisable to apply top-dressing with irrigation or before it.

Planting lilies in spring is carried out as early as possible- at the beginning of emergence, because young stems quickly break in the spring or just very fragile. If the bulbs need to be kept for a certain period, they are stored in a cool place, shifting with sawdust, moss, earth or sand.

Prepared bulbs carefullylook, the patients are discarded, rotted scales are removed. Also shortened living too long roots, and lifeless pruned. Further bulbs are etched with a 2% solution of fondosol. Then they are already planted in holes or funnels to a depth equal to three dimensions of the height of the bulb. After planting, the soil must be mulched with humus, peat.

lily planting and care
Reproduction of lilies by flakes is the mosteffective method. From one bulb you can get from 15 to 100 new plants. At any time of the year, it is possible to separate scales from bulbs, to keep in potassium permanganate (its solution) for 15 minutes, slightly to dry and place in a container with moistened sawdust or polyethylene bags. After 4-5 weeks on the scales appear bulbs with roots. They are planted in the ground in the spring.

Also, the lily reproduces bulb (stempochkolukovichkami). From the stem a bulb is separated at the end of summer and planted in the ground (depth 2-3cm), mulched, watered. The plants begin to blossom for the third year after the planting.

The plot looks very beautiful lily. Planting and caring for it will bring you pleasure, and grown flower beds - joy.

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