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Why does not spathiphyll blossom, leaves black and dry on the edges? How to properly care for this plant at home?

Unfortunately, sometimes even this sickens and wanesunpretentious plant, like spathiphyllum. Black leaves, dry at the edges, turn yellow or become shallow, flowers cease to appear - all this should alert the owner. The plant thus makes it clear that something is wrong with it. This can be the result of both improper care and a symptom of the disease. And if you do not take action, the flower can eventually die.

How to care for the spathiphyllume

spathiphyllum black leaves
Despite the fact that the plant does not belong tofastidious, it does not mean that it can be put somewhere on the windowsill and forget about existence for half a year. Bringing home a pot of bright or dark green leaves (depending on the variety), you must first learn how to properly care for spathiphyllum. In principle, this applies to any representative of the flora. Among the many plants that decorate houses, apartments and offices, there are light-loving and not very, those who prefer moist air and die from the overabundance of water. So, without knowing the preferences of a flower, it's very easy to ruin it.

Spathiphyllums refer to heat-lovingvarieties, because in nature grow in the tropics. For the same reason, it is recommended to maintain high humidity in the summer, and in winter - to refrain from excessive watering.

It should also be remembered that spathiphyllum does not tolerate direct sunlight, preferring penumbra. Ignorance of this feature often leads to illness and even death of a flower.

How to water

It is necessary to plant the plant quite often in summer, butThe main thing is not to overdo it so that the soil can dry out. Typically, the plant signals a lack of water drooping leaves. It is also recommended to spray it (daily or less often) or wipe it with a soft damp cloth, sponge, cotton pad. And the flower can be bathed directly under the shower, only the water temperature should be about 20 degrees.

how to properly care for the spathiphyllume
In winter, most plants require lessintensive watering, including spathiphyllum: leaves become black, are covered with brown spots or dry out during the cold season, often because of excess moisture. In winter, the flowers are at rest, so a rare watering and lack of spraying for 2-3 weeks will do them good.

Where better to put

In a room where there is little light throughout the day,the flower will be quite comfortable on the windowsill. Otherwise, it is better to put it away - on the cabinet, shelf or corner. Large specimens with large leaves look great on the floor.

This plant rarely suffers from shortagesSveta. Therefore, if the room has a far corner, into which a pot with a flower will stand well, it can be just spathiphyllum. Black leaves from him, as a rule, not because of problems with lighting, but from improper irrigation and a lack of minerals. From an overabundance of light, spathiphyllum ceases to grow. The existing leaves do not increase in size, but new ones do not appear.

why does the spathiphyllum blacken leaves
Why does not it blossom

Spathiphyllum, like any other plant,reacts to environmental conditions. If the leaves become shallow, begin to turn yellow and dry, and the flowers cease to appear, which means that something does not suit him. To prevent his death, you need to try to understand what it lacks.

Most florists know whyspathiphyllum black leaves. This is the first sign of problems with watering the plant. And thus, it reacts to both the excess of moisture and its lack. But if the leaves are more or less clear, then with the flowers - not quite. The main reasons for their absence are two. Firstly, the age of the plant. Too young spathiphyllum will not bloom, it is possible only after the roots fill all the place reserved for them.

The second reason is the opposite. If the plant is cramped in a pot, it ceases to bloom, and the leaves become shallow. So, depending on the situation, you either need to wait a little, or transplant the spathiphyllum.

spathiphyllum black leaves what to do

Black leaves - what to do?

As described above, the main reasons for the appearancedark spots on the plant two. And they are opposite to each other. The first - insufficient watering, the second - an excess of moisture. So, with the appearance of black (or brown) spots, you first need to determine which of the variants takes place.

It is not difficult to do this. It is necessary to try to pull the flower from the pot and touch the roots. If they are wet, you should dry the plant and limit moisture. In the case of parched soil, it should simply be watered more often.

It happens that the plant is not easy to remove frompot. Then, in order not to injure him, you can make a deepening with a pencil or a chopstick and determine the soil moisture at a depth of several centimeters, making the appropriate conclusions. When the irrigation is normal, and the leaves continue to turn black, the problem may lie in the lack of minerals in the soil. In this case, feeding is necessary.

Dry tips indicate insufficiently wetair. You can try to spray the plant more often, although in most cases it is not easy to fight this problem. If the sheet turns yellow completely, most likely, more frequent watering is needed.

In general, the plant is quite hardy andthe temperature drop, and to the absence of light. It can look beautiful in truly spartan conditions. Therefore, those who do not know how to take care of flowers, recommend just spathiphyllum. Black leaves from it from lack or excess of moisture, it ceases to grow from bright light - this knowledge, as a rule, is quite enough.

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