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Ventilation in the garage with their own hands: circuit, photo

If you have a car and a garage, you need to know how to install ventilation in the garage with your own hands. The scheme of works presented in the article will allow to exclude errors.

The need for ventilation

ventilation in the garage by hand

If there is poor air circulation in the room, thenthis will cause the accumulation of excess moisture. Air in this case is also harmful to the human body. The car will also suffer from this microclimate. In conditions of high humidity, the steel parts of the machine can quickly become rusted and fail. In the winter, the evaporation of gasoline and oils, as well as dirt and snow, make the air practically unfit for breathing. Equipped ventilation in the garage with their own hands, the scheme of which must be prepared in advance, will ensure the correct air circulation. Fresh air must flow into the field of the observation pit. The volume of air that is injected into the garage, and also exits it, should be equivalent.

Types of ventilation

ventilation in the garage with your own hands scheme for painting

You can choose mechanical, combinedor natural ventilation. The latter variety is simply settled. To do this, it will only be important to create a traction that passes through all the rooms. On the opposite walls it is necessary to make holes, placing them at different heights. When natural ventilation in the garage is arranged by oneself, the scheme helps in carrying out the work. The hole through which air is forced into the inner space of the garage, it is necessary to be placed above the floor surface in 20 centimeters. While the suction window should be located in the roof or under it.

In order to improve traction, to the holeit is necessary to connect the pipes, and then ensure their withdrawal over the surface of the garage. The more impressive the area of ​​the room, the taller the pipe should be. Installed ventilation in the garage with their own hands, the circuit of which can be made independently, demonstrates greater efficiency if two pipes are used. They need to be insulated to prevent condensation in the winter. Natural ventilation is the most inexpensive and easy way to ensure effective air exchange.

Disadvantages of natural ventilation

ventilation in the basement of the garage by own hands scheme

If the ventilation in the basement of the garage is arrangedThe scheme must be prepared in advance. However, the natural system has its disadvantages, some of them appear in the winter. Thus, on the pipes when condensation occurs, ice begins to build up, which is able to reduce the opening clearance, while the efficiency of ventilation decreases. If there is heating in the garage, then the natural air exchange system may not be effective.

Features of the arrangement of forced ventilation

ventilation in the garage with your own hands photo for painting

If you own an underground garage, thenit must be forced ventilation. With the help of such equipment it is possible to ensure the inflow and outflow of air. It is important to take into account that the installation works of such a system are quite expensive. However, the costs will be compensated by positive qualities during the operation phase. The smaller the volume of the garage, the less air-exchange equipment should be purchased. This allows you to save money.

Natural ventilation of the garage with your own handsis simply installed, but it can not provide heating of the air that enters. This disadvantage is not possessed by the described version of the system, which is equipped with a calorimeter.

Installed ventilation in the garage with their own handsfor painting can be used at any time of the year, while you will not suffer from the cold air entering the room. Among other things, the system contains filters, as well as fans. For extraction, it is necessary to install channel or exhaust fans. The first variety is most often mounted inside the duct. If to ensure the correct installation, such fans work almost silently, and their service life is very impressive.

Installation Recommendations

natural ventilation in the garage with their own hands
If you set a forcedventilation in the garage with your own hands, the scheme for painting will make the work properly. If we are talking about axial models, then they are installed directly in the wall. By purchasing such equipment, it is necessary to take into account the parameters that determine the temperature range. This indicates the temperature at which the device can be used. It is important to have the possibility of regulating the fan speed, as well as the protection from splashes.

Mechanical and natural ventilation

ventilation in the garage with your own hands for painting

If you own a small garage, you canresort to a tandem of mechanical and natural ventilation. This allows you to ensure efficient air exchange and save on the purchase of expensive equipment. A fan can be bought small, but it will be able to cope with its tasks. Extraction of the kitchen type can be used in the work. The principle of planning of the described ventilation systems is that the air intake is carried out naturally, while the exhaust air passes through a hole that has a built-in fan.

By equipping the combined ventilation system,It is necessary to place the inlet opening at the floor, while the exhaust - at the ceiling. As a distinctive feature of this system, there is no dependence of the placement of the mounted holes. They can be placed in any convenient place, the levels can be different. As the main rule is the fact that you can not install holes in front of each other. In this case, the circuit will be closed, and the arrival of fresh air will be impossible. Use of this system is possible throughout the year, but the installation of the fan must be carried out in a well-insulated air duct in advance.


If you install ventilation in the garagewith your own hands (photo), you can safely use the car for painting. It is recommended to choose a mechanical version of the system. Otherwise, natural ventilation will not be able to ensure a normal outflow of air. These recommendations should be used if you decide to provide the garage with a ventilation system.

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