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Electric drier "Alvin SU-1": reviews, specs, performance

Summer is the time for fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. During this period, you need not only plenty to eat these products, but also to make as many blanks for the winter as possible. This is a preservation, a popular freeze now. Increasingly now the products are dried for use in the winter. To do this, they use both old grandfather's methods (on a string, under the influence of sunlight), and modern devices. They are specifically designed for high-quality drying products. There are many such models. One of the high-performance and efficient - dryer "Alvin SU-1."

Benefits of Dried Food

Properly dried foods remain in theirThe composition of the maximum amount of vitamins and other nutrients. This is their main difference from canned. In addition, they do not contain any preservatives, vinegar or other substances harmful to the body.

But drying them in the sun for a long time, and flies and othersinsects do not give rest, constantly penetrating to the blanks. It will not be possible to use the oven due to the fact that there the products are more likely to be quenched than dried under the influence of moisture released from them. They will not remain for a long time after such processing.

alvin su 1 reviews

Dried foods can be stored for several years. It is only necessary to protect them from moths and other pests. They do not require fixed costs of electricity, as frozen, and take up much less space than those harvested in banks. So, from a bucket of fresh tomatoes get about one and a half kilograms of dried.

For drying, you can use not only whole vegetables and fruits, but also parts of them. This allows the use of fallen or slightly damaged fruit.

Use dried fruits and berries can be used for making compotes, jelly, fruit drinks, on the filling for pies. Vegetables put in pizza, soups, stews.

Purpose of the dryer "Alvin SU-1"

The electric dryer "Alvin SU-1" is intended fordrying fruits, berries, vegetables, mushrooms. You can use this universal device for harvesting medicinal herbs, hawthorn, and wild rose. With it, dried fish, meat, dried rusks, home-cooked noodles.

dryer alvin su 1

The devices are manufactured at the Russian LLC "Production and Commercial Firm" Alvin "of imported components.

If necessary, the device can heat food using it instead of an electric oven. Some users use it:

  • for drying small items;
  • as a fan for the room;
  • for heating small rooms.

In particular, the ability to use the device for drying diapers provided instruction.

Description of the dryer "Alvin SU-1"

Dryer "Alvin SU-1" - cylindrical tank50 cm in height and 40 cm in diameter. Inside there are 6 trays with a metal net, onto which products prepared for drying are laid out. Five of them are removed. The housing is made of high quality metal and durability. He is not afraid of shocks that may occur during operation or carrying. Metal mesh trays do not deteriorate under the influence of temperature.

Users find it convenient that the dryer itself has colorful information about 13 products that can be dried in it. The pictures indicate the optimal temperature of the procedure.

electric mushroom dryer

Since the drying of products is a long process, the device is designed for continuous operation.

Characteristics of the dryer "Alvin SU-1"

Consider the characteristics of the dryer Alvin SU-1. The useful volume of the device is 30 liters. The area of ​​all pallets is 7.5 thousand cm2. Instrument weight - 7 kg. Drying of products occurs due to the continuous operation of the fan, the maximum performance of which is 4 m3/ min The impeller diameter is 172 cm, the blades are located at an angle of 34 degrees.

electric dryer Alvin Su 1

Drying can be carried out in two modes. This makes it possible to save electricity. In this case, the selected mode is supported automatically. The temperature can be adjusted from 0 to 80 degrees. Type of thermostat - capillary.

Drying of products occurs due to the air created inside the hot vortex. Heats his ten type 60A10 / 0.8, installed at the bottom of the device.

Power dryer 800 watts. It works from the mains with a voltage of 220 V. The device can be operated at temperatures from 1 to 35 degrees. There should be no explosive objects nearby.

Features of drying with the help of "Alvin SU-1"

Reviews suggest that before loading solidfruits of their better to scald a few seconds with hot water or steamed for up to 10 minutes over boiling water. For this purpose, special metal baskets are used in which the blanks are placed. Then a couple of hours the prepared products need to be dried in the fresh air. This will not only improve the taste of products, but also extend their shelf life.

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Apples, pears and other pome fruits are dried at a higher temperature than berries.

During drying, you need to choose the optimal temperature and duration of the procedure. If you delay the process, product quality will deteriorate.

Drying with "Alvin SU-1"

Products are cut into slices about 1.5 cm thick. They are laid on trays, the device is turned on. After about 10 hours, their volume decreases by 2 times.

Partially dried slices are poured into the lower trays, and the upper ones are filled with a new portion of fresh produce.

After the first batch is ready, take it out of the dryer, and place a new one in the empty space.

If you find little pallets, you can buy additional ones.

Positive feedback on the dryer "Alvin SU-1"

User reviews mark the originalmodern design of the device. They like metal nets of pallets with which an electric mushroom dryer is supplied. They do not rust, products do not fall through them.

universal dryer Alvin sous 1

Even the lack of electronics users consider a positive characteristic of the dryer. They believe that they themselves will cope with control, because the simpler the device, the more reliable it is.

Some buyers are advised to purchase immediately.two electric dryers. They claim that the devices will be fully loaded in the summer. One is the Alvin SU-1 fruit dryer, the other for mushrooms or vegetables. This is especially true for those users who are engaged in preparations for the winter at home and in the country.

Blanks for the winter

Consumers talk about the most successful,original and tasty blanks. These are dried tomatoes with garlic, pepper, and dried Jerusalem artichoke. They like that the pallets are quite high, 8 cm. This allows you to place a fairly large number of products in them. The dryer for mushrooms electric gives the chance to prepare mushrooms of various grades, including spongy.

 alvin su 1 features

Lovers of roach also come in handy "Alvin SU-1." User reviews indicate that this device is successfully used for drying fish. Salted fish is placed on pallets, select the processing mode at the bottom of the panel and turn on the device. The temperature controller is located below, under the colorful instructions. The process of cooking domestic roach takes 6 hours.

Disadvantages device "Alvin SU-1"

There are some drawbacks to the dryer "AlvinSU-1 ". Customer reviews indicate that the upper pallets do not heat up well. The temperature is two times lower than the lower ones. The reason is the poor distribution of the air flow inside the chamber. It does not reach from the ten and the fan to the products located above That is why the trays have to be periodically moved down. There are problems here. The pallets do not want to be installed on each other and are trying to move aside. Users have adapted to install the trays so that their welds match. Of course, in order otat with a dryer, you have to be a virtuoso. But over time, the hosts accommodating to stubborn pallets and perform the operation fairly quickly.

The disadvantage of the dryer "Alvin SU-1" can be consideredthe fact that the walls of the pallets are not transparent, as in some other models. But on the other hand, they are not plastic, but metal, therefore it is much safer and more durable. A degree of shrinkage and product readiness can be viewed by removing the pallet.

Many consumers notice that juicy fruits cannot be dried qualitatively. This applies to plums and currants. After completion of the procedure, they taste like boiled.

Users believe that medicinal plants are still better to stockpile in the old way, in a shaded ventilated place.

Despite some shortcomings, the Alvin SU-1 universal dryer can be considered an excellent helper for any hostess. After all, with its help to engage in preparations for the winter is much easier and more convenient.

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