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Colchicum (cedarwood): Planting and caring for the plant

This is a perennial ornamental plant - colchicum- is very common in many parts of Europe and Asia. In our locality, a flower is more commonly known as a cesspool. Planting and caring for this plant have their own nuances, although they do not pose much difficulty. Learn the advice of floricultural experts on how to grow a very beautiful plant in your area.

cedar planting and care

How does a cesspool grow?

In early spring, the development of largeelongated leaves. By the beginning of summer, leaves are already dying off. Flowering occurs during the autumn period: very beautiful large flowers without leaves grow from the earth, and flowering occurs almost before the first snowfall. They grow to a height of about 20 cm. The capsule containing the round seeds is located low. For such an unusual rhythm of flowering and development, the plant also received its name - colchicum. Planting and caring for it is very simple, so many gardeners are happy to plant this flower in their gardens. Although there are several species blossoming in the spring, nevertheless the most common autumnal autumn is the most common.

autumn autumnal planting and care
Planting and care

In early spring the plant develops. In the lower internodes of the leaves begins to form corms. In this bulb there is an outgrowth and a bud of regeneration. The old bulb decomposes, then the leaves that have already fulfilled their purpose also die. A short period of autumn flowering ends with the development of the fruit with the seeds, which only in the next year by the beginning of the summer will ripen.

Colchicum can reproduce by childrenbulbs that are obtained after excavating the corms in the middle of summer, around July, in the period between the dying leaves and the beginning of flowering. Immediately after separation begins landing. Wild-growing species are propagated by seeds, sowing them in June. In this case the seedlings will spring next spring, and the first flowers will appear only after 5 years.

The planting of a cedar-tree can be carried out onany soils. The plant is very unpretentious to the composition of the soil, although preference is given to light and fairly loose soils rich in minerals. Colchicum grows well in one place without a transplant for many years. Location matters. Colchicum can be planted near tall herbaceous plants or near shrubs, but always exclusively on the southern side. This point should be taken into account when breaking the flower beds or rock garden.

Corms of plants that blossomed in autumn, should be planted in August. The depth for planting is 10-20 cm, depending on the size of the corms. The distance between the bulbs is usually 20 cm.


Quite often, slugs get stuck in a cedar. Planting and maintenance should be combined with weeding, loosening and processing of soil with superphosphate.

Caution: colchicum is poisonous!

All parts of this plant, both above-ground andcorms, contain a dangerous poisonous substance - colchicine. Dangerous to humans even the water in which there was a cesspool. Planting and care of it should be carried out in gloves. The poisonous alkaloid causes burns of hands, uncomfortable burning sensation in the throat, nausea, dizziness, and even colic and paralysis.

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