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Outdoor Clothes Drying: How to choose the best model for your home

Washing is the most time consuming activity of alllist of household chores. Fortunately, technical progress does not stand still, and now there are washing machines in almost every home. Agree, this is a great invention, which can only be compared with the invention of diapers and dishwashers. In any case, this view is shared by women around the world. However, drying clothes remains a very urgent problem. Here, a laundry dryer can come to help the housewives.

floor drying for linen

There are quite a few species of thisdevices, for example, drying for linen wall or with ceiling mounts. However, the most common type is floor drying for laundry, so let's take a closer look at it.

All floor dryers aremechanisms-transformers, allowing from the volumetric design to make a flat. Compare this mechanism with the device of the ironing board, when the legs are removed and the board can be hidden in any closet or pantry. Floor drying for laundry can be rope or rack: in the first case between the supports when the mechanism is pulled apart, ropes are pulled, in the second case, the drying device provides for the presence of racks on which things can be hung. The rope dryer is lighter, but creases may appear on the laundry, especially if things dry out. Rack dryer is heavier, and creases on the laundry are excluded. However, stains may appear, for example rust, if the slats are made of poor-quality material.

clothes dryer floor electric

Outdoor drying for clothes, as a rule,is made of plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. Plastic does not withstand heavy loads, so most often it is used as an auxiliary material for handles and corners. Aluminum drying is light and fairly strong, but, unfortunately, over time, there are spots on the working rails that can ruin the laundry. Structures made of stainless steel are much heavier, but they are less prone to corrosion. At present, high-quality steel products with spraying (on such material rust is excluded) are becoming increasingly popular, as well as drying from metal-plastic (they are lightweight, durable and do not rust).

clothes drying floor price

A separate mention deserves drying for laundryfloor electric. Such devices will accelerate the drying time several times. They are divided into two types: a device with heated racks (a low-temperature heater) and a complex structure resembling a container with slats and with warm air circulating inside (the principle of a hair dryer).

How much can it cost to dry for underwear outdoor? The price, of course, will depend on the chosen model. For example, a compact dryer Gimi Plast with a useful length of 10 meters, and a maximum load of 10 kg can be purchased for only 950 rubles. But the model Gimi Plus Extra, which has twice the length of useful life and can withstand up to 17 kg, is much more expensive - 1700-1900 rubles. The price range for electric drying starts from about 3500 rubles.

What floor drying for clothes is better? There is no unambiguous answer to this question. When choosing a design, be guided by your needs (approximate amount of laundry), the intended location of the device and its dimensions, the need for heating and other features of the model. And then you will get a dryer, which will become your irreplaceable assistant.

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