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A fern familiar to all. Planting and care

fern planting and care
Fern is a very fastidious plant,which with proper care creates an amazing atmosphere in the house or yard, and if there is a lack of any resource - it spoils the whole appearance of the dwelling both outside and inside. What are the main problems? Fern (planting and care) requires special conditions for full development. Insufficient space for roots and light for leaves is a detrimental factor. If the plant begins to turn yellow and "litter", it is clearly something missing.

Planting a fern

This plant reproduces by spores. Disputes should be planted in a land that has high humidity. And ideally there should be dampness. Sowing spores must be performed at home, sprouting them to the desired size. But in the initial stages follows the debate "seed"

fern planting
on pots that can be covered with glass,creating a sort of greenhouse. A month later there are sprouts that look like moss, and two months later you will see full sprouts with leaves. While the plant is in the greenhouse, water it very neatly, without creating a water film on the surface of the earth. The plant grew slightly? At this point, you can remove the glass, letting the sprout twist. When the plant is sufficiently grown and gets stronger, you can safely transplant the fern (in the garden planting). But choose the right place for him first. So, the fern, planting and caring for which take a rather long period of time, will better take root in your yard. However, you can leave it and a house plant, but you need to take care that the place for the development of the root system is enough for your pet.

Care of the fern
fern in the garden planting

Well, if the fern landing is completely understandable, thencare of him is a very mixed business. It depends on the type of plant. Tropical varieties are very difficult to grow on a windowsill, because, in addition to high humidity, they will require a lot of sunlight, but not direct. Fern, planting and caring for which are quite complex, like shadow and penumbra. Such conditions make it possible not to worry about overdrying the soil. If the pet dries, it still needs a drink. If we talk about cropping of leaves, then for a street plant they are necessary for protection against cold. Usually it takes up to five degrees Celsius. But at home ferns require pruning, and this haircut is an indispensable element of plant care. There is nothing difficult in this. Yellowed leaves are cut with sharp scissors. By the way, it should be noted that the fern (in the garden planting it must take this moment into account) does not like windy places, since its crown is very tender and breaks instantly. The same applies to the house: children and animals should not be allowed to enter the plant. If you remember about pests, then everything is much easier, because your pet's "immunity" to diseases and parasites is high enough, and you can not be afraid for his health. Tropical species are grown only at home. Fertilize fern should not be more than 4 times a year. For tropical species is characterized by a love of high temperatures (that is, a minimum of 23 degrees). In a word, before you start to act in any way, find out about the plant variety. And only then make plans for landscaping the garden or apartment. Let your fern grow luxuriantly, planting and nursing will pay off in triple!

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