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Electrosushilnik "Ryzhik": features, instructions for use and feedback

Proper nutrition in our age, when manyProducts do not differ in quality composition, it is especially important. Many people tend to eat only natural food grown in their natural environment. But if in the summer and autumn periods it is feasible, then in winter there are difficulties. One of the best ways to keep as many vitamins as possible in food is to dry them. Of course, the safest and most natural process is carried out in the fresh air, but what to do if there is no opportunity to dry large amounts of stocks over the summer? Of course, there is a solution - to purchase a dryer. Moreover, the domestic manufacturer made sure that it was possible to buy such products cheaply enough.

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Redhead, but not freckled

Under the funny name "Ryzhik" is knownelectric dryer from the company "Petromash", which during its existence on the market was able to win the love of buyers due to not too complicated management, interesting, but at the same time simple design, durability of materials and practicality of application. Small in size, with a metal carrot color, the Ryzhik dryer is conveniently located. in rooms easily transported. Great for giving.

General characteristics

Dryer "Ryzhik" is one of the most famous in Russia because of its characteristics, superior to other manufacturers in a number of indicators. Here are some of them:

  • Metal housing and pallets.
  • Dimensions of the dryer: 370 x 270 x 330 mm.
  • Sizes of removable pallets: 25 x 35 cm.
  • Volume: 12 liters.
  • The presence of a fan inside.
  • Device weight: 6 kg.
  • Heating to 70 ° C.
  • Power: 500 watts.

Of all this is the usual electric dryer "Ryzhik", with which you can afford to make a lot of stocks for the winter.


In addition to the usual "Ryzhik", there is a dryerlarge dimensions. The device with five pallets, adjustable air, heavier in weight than a regular dryer, has a strong facing material. Also dryer "Ryzhik-super" has great power - 800 watts. At the moment it is one of the strongest products known in Russia.

Dryer for vegetables and fruits Super saffron

How it works?

The principle of operation of such a device as a dryer"Ryzhik" is simple and straightforward. Drying is the process by which moisture from products evaporates. Contributes to this movement of the flow of warm air heated by heating elements. A fan built inside the bottom of the product distributes the air evenly, which allows for the universal evaporation of moisture.

The average drying time is from four and a half totwenty hours, depending on what exactly is inside. As a rule, not a very large number of blanks are placed on one pallet, so if you need to make a lot of stocks, the “Ryzhik-super” dryer for vegetables and fruits will be the best purchase.

The beauty of using this deviceis to control the flow of air that will fall on the products. With a strong obvetivanii vegetables, mushrooms, berries, more likely to wither than dried, a small amount of air can lead to the taste of "boiled" berries and vegetables.

In domestic terms, the dryer "Ryzhik" is not dangerous: It is equipped with a thermal switch that stops the operation of the dryer in case of overheating. Inside there are also dividers that distribute air and remove moisture, so no condensation is formed.

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What can be dried?

Many when buying goods read annotations andremarks according to which it is impossible to use some vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, etc.

Usually for drying for the winter they use:

  • healing herbs;
  • fruit;
  • vegetables;
  • berries;
  • mushrooms;
  • meat;
  • some types of fish;
  • tree bark (for medical purposes);
  • inflorescences of plants.

The dryer will easily master the entire list of products. There are no restrictions and rules as such regarding food. The dryer must be handled according to what is written in its instructions.

Mushroom dryer

Dry vegetables and fruits

Each product placed in the machine requiresthorough preparation and care. For example, if the Ryzhik vegetable dryer contains vegetables in it, it is necessary to wash them before using them, wipe them dry with a rag, cut them into pieces and place the fruit on the tray. The drying time of vegetables depends on how much moisture they contain. Do not place products on the pallet that have a strong odor, as the contents of the dryer will be soaked.

For many, dry fruit is an important part of healthydiet It is recommended to perform drying at the lowest temperature - 30 ° C, since it preserves the biologically active substances, vitamins, minerals, and the color of the fruit does not disappear. Special attention should be paid to the storage of the product. A dry, ventilated, warm room should be used, otherwise undrained fruit (and this can happen) can deteriorate. Dryer for fruit "Ryzhik" gently eliminates the fruit from moisture. Low temperature conditions and a small air flow allow the fruits to be dried as gently as possible, retaining all the nutrients.

vegetable dryer Ryzhik reviews

Dry mushrooms

Another favorite treat is dried mushrooms. Collected in the forest in the summer, they are very well preserved for the winter, if this uses the Ryzhik mushroom dryer. On one pallet you can fit up to 1 kilogram of mushrooms that need to be dried. The only thing that is undesirable with them is to wet them before drying. It is best to put the mushrooms in an electric dryer, wither them in the sun.

Healing herbs

Naturally, health should not be forgotten either. Chamomile flowers, wormwood, wild rose leaves, wild rose leaves and even greens collected in the summer can all be useful in the winter for treating diseases. From dry herbs it is good to prepare decoctions that will help with various ailments.

Dryer "Ryzhik" is not only for vegetables, fruits, berries and mushrooms. This is a multifunctional device that allows you to dry everything your heart desires.

Device drawbacks

Of course, everywhere there is a fly in the ointment. The dryer will not be a good acquisition for people who consume very few products and do not keep a household. The task of evaporating moisture from the products will be handled by a regular oven, which everyone has at home.

Those who love multi-functionality are also unlikelywill be delighted with the invention of the device, which has only one function. On the other hand, for mushroom pickers, residents of private houses with the presence of gardens or for giving this acquisition is a good and useful.

From the dryer there can be a lot of noise when working, so it is advisable to place it in a room where it will not be heard how it works. It is all about the air streams leaving through open grooves.

The device is completely made of metal, whichoften leads to the curvature of the body during poor handling. Pallets can be deformed, the case itself during transportation has a chance to get a dent, which will affect the operation of the dryer in the future.

dryer Ryzhik super

Customer's opinion

Would you like to know whether it is worth buying such equipment as the dryer "Ryzhik"? Reviews will help determine the choice.

It is widely believed that imported dryers are much better than domestic ones. However, this is not the case. "Ryzhik" is time-tested, and manufacturers still do not give up the position.

If we compare it with the goods of foreign manufacturers, then Ryzhik has several advantages:

  • spacious pallets;
  • quality of drying;
  • speed of operation;
  • presence of a fuse;
  • air flow regulation function;
  • work power;
  • availability of a model with five pallets.

And what is nice: on average, the dryer costs about 3,000 rubles, which is cheaper than their foreign counterparts. This is what some users think about this. Many, before they learn about “Ryzhik,” prefer to see foreign manufacturers in their kitchen. Most reviews suggest that dried fruits taste like boiled. But with “Ryzhik” the situation changes for the better: the fruits do not lose color, they are perfectly preserved, the taste remains rich and pleasant and, importantly, without tastes and impurities, which are, for example, after gas drying. On average, dried vegetables, fruits and mushrooms are stored for about three years. High-quality drying increases their shelf life to five years.

fruit dryer

Other buyers prefer to pick mushrooms inthe forest himself. After a sufficient amount accumulates at home, it becomes necessary to preserve them. The simplest and most obvious solution is to dry the mushrooms for further harvesting. For large volumes of products, a not very expensive option is suitable, which is the “Ryzhik-super”. This technique is unpretentious and can be in any part of the house, it works quietly and does not interfere. Most people, when, for example, the season of mushrooms ends, begin to use the product for other purposes. What is interesting, the equipment purchased only for mushrooms successfully copes with other tasks. Thus, a very useful purchase is the Ryzhik vegetable dryer. Of course, there are reviews about other ways of use: they use “Ryzhik” for herbs, fruits, berries and meat. And many of them are positive.

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