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Flowers spathiphyllum - "female happiness"

Spathiphyllum is a perennial houseplant,representative of the family of aroids. This flower with beautiful dark green leaves, producing a flowery elegant white inflorescence, will truly become your favorite.

flowers spathiphyllum

Flowers spathiphyllum quite unpretentious, the mostthe main thing is to put them in the right place, avoiding direct sunlight. When exposed to the sun, the leaves will form burns. A very shady place for spathiphyll will also be unacceptable, he needs a sufficiently bright diffused light.

Indoor plant requires high enoughof air humidity. Therefore, frequent spraying, shower from time to time, a pallet in which damp sand is poured, will only benefit him. With insufficient moisture in the spathiphyllum, the tips of the leaves begin to dry out. During flowering, the plant should be sprayed with extreme caution, not allowing water to reach the blossomed flower.

indoor flower spathiphyllum photo

Indoor flower spathiphyllum (photo attached)watering is required very moderately. It is impossible to allow both excessive drying of the soil in the pot and overmoistening, these actions have an extremely unfavorable effect on the development of the plant and can even lead to its death. In winter, water less often than in spring and summer. If irrigation is inadequate, it can be determined by the leaves of the plant: they have a drooping appearance.

Flowers spathiphyllum is transplanted usually then,When the roots completely fill the entire volume of the pot. The plant is very sensitive to root injuries, so it should be repaired as carefully as possible. You should not plant the flower immediately in a much larger container, otherwise it will throw all its forces on the development of the root system and just stop blooming. The best time for transplant is spring.

From the beginning of spring to the end of vegetation spathiphyllumIt is required to feed actively with mineral fertilizers without the content of lime. With an excess of fertilizers, brown spots begin to appear at the tips of the leaves.

Flowers spathiphyllum is most often propagated by dividingbush, can be cuttings. But usually the plant gives additional bushes in 2-3 leaves, which are very well transplanted in the spring. When diluted with cuttings, they are usually rooted using moist sand.

why do green flowers in spathiphyllum

Difficulties in growing

Question: "Why does the flower have brown edges of the leaves?"
Answer: "If the air humidity is insufficient or if there is insufficient watering, the tips of the leaves begin to dry out." Simply increase the watering and spray more frequently. "

Question: "Why do the spathiphyllum have green flowers?"
The answer is: "This is perfectly normal phenomenon, when the flowers of the plant begin to fade, they become greenish, then wither and fall away."

Question: "Why does not the spathiphyllum bloom?"
Answer: "The main cause of the non-flowering is an overly large plant pot.The flowers of spathiphyllum bloom when the container is filled with roots, in other cases (with an excess of free space), all the power of the flower is directed to the development of the root system. Simply transplant the plant into a smaller pot and create for it favorable conditions ".

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