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Hydrangea Pink Diamond - decorative garden ornament

Elegantly solemn, bright, beautifully bloominglong-term hydrangeas are increasingly decorated gardens of the central strip of Russia. The cultural forms of the panicle hydrangea, an important component in the list of wild-growing representatives of the Far Eastern flora, are extremely decorative.

hydrangea pink diamond
One is Hydrangea Pink Diamond, a deciduous shrub with magnificent large long-flowering inflorescences. About it and will be discussed in this publication.

Hydrangea Pink Diamond Description

Growing up to 2-3 m in height, a spreading bushis appreciated by gardeners of many countries for the expressed vertical growth, durability of shoots and long flowering. Inflorescences of a broad-conical form 15 to 30 cm long, elongated in the shape of pellets at the ends of the shoots, are exquisite and beautiful: they do not hang on the side and are not afraid of wind gusts.

Flower Hydrangea Pink Diamond from July to the middleSeptember, coloring the earth with white cones of candles, noticeably reddening as the blossoming. Being the base color in the inflorescence, white color changes with time. By the autumn, initially snow-white inflorescences become pink-coral.

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Attracts this species with excellent regeneratingproperties - the ability of rapid recovery with partial mechanical damage or freezing. The hydrant hydrangea Pink Diamond has good frost resistance, which allows it to successfully survive the winter under shelter of spandbond or lapnika, or at all without additional shelter, but in places protected from through winds with a high snow cover.

The root system of the bush is superficial,is located shallowly, extending in the near-space space parallel to the ground level, and this feature causes the obligatory regular generous watering.

But to the urban contamination of hydrangea Pink Diamond is absolutely indifferent, so it is used in landscape design or plantations along the streets.

Peculiarities of growing

Light-loving culture prefers solar,protected from the wind places with fertile acidic clay soils. Completely open plots are not the best solution, since hydrangea is hygrophilous and the duration of its flowering directly depends on the moistening of the soil. Lack of water will lead to the chopping of flowers, loss of decorativeness and shortening the flowering of a plant such as hydrangea Pink Diamond. Comments of flower growers are unanimous in opinion: in the open places it is necessary to maintain intensive hydration, which is often very problematic. Therefore, some shading is even welcomed.

hydrangea pink diamond description

On selected sites it is important not to applyvarious deoxidizers - dolomite flour, chalk, limestone, ashes, and to maintain the decorative shrub periodically introduce brown peat and pine needles. Hortensia grows quite quickly, and when planting 4-5-year-old seedlings, you can wait for the first flowering the next year, as gardeners say.

When to plant?

Experienced flower growers recommend spring plantinghydrangeas. If the weather conditions of the region allow you to plant the culture in the early spring, then in the summer you can hope for the appearance of the first inflorescences. The autumn planting of hydrangeas (in September) is also possible, but it should be done 2-3 weeks before the cold and cover the young bush for the winter.

The hydrangea planting technology is simple: the surface root system does not require a deep landing pit, it will be enough 0.3-0.5 m, depending on the age of the seedling and the development of its roots. When planning the planting of a hedge, plants are placed in a prepared trench. The intervals between bushes are at least 2.5 m, in the fence - 1-1.5 m. Unnecessarily dense plantings are easily thinned out if necessary.

Landing pits pre-generously spilledwater, are filled with a fertile mixture of humus, peat and needles by a third. Seedling is placed in the pit so that the root neck is at the same level with the ground surface, straighten the roots, making sure that they do not bend up, fill the remaining earth mixture and compact. Then again, abundantly watered and mulched with wood chips or any plant remains.


Caring activities for the culture consist in timely watering, making the necessary fertilizing, regular pruning of bushes and protecting plants from diseases and pests.

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On the features of watering the culture: The soil under the bush should be moist constantly. With the growth of the bush and the entrance to the adult state, the danger of drying out is minimized, since the crown of the bush is very spreader and discards a good shadow. The usual weekly water consumption is 3-4 buckets per bush. To stimulate the flowering in water once in 2-3 weeks add manganese (1 gram / 1 watering).


To achieve active plant growth and generousflowering will help the introduction of the necessary fertilizers, which are carried out in several stages: in the spring with the beginning of sap flow with high-quality organic, at the beginning of budding and blossoming with complex mineral fertilizer, in preparation for winter with special fertilizing for hydrangeas available for sale.


To maintain the decorative bush, regular pruning is required. In the fall, cut dried inflorescences, in the spring remove weak broken and sick shoots.

In addition, the bush is formed, removing the old stems and selecting from the yearling shoots 8-10 the strongest. They are truncated to 3-5 buds, which is quite enough for high-quality summer flowering.

So, simple care provides an excellentthe decorative effect of such an interesting culture as Hydrangea Pink Diamond. The photos presented in the publication demonstrate the plant in all its splendor, but the living bush decorating its own site - the spectacle is surprisingly beautiful, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of satisfied flower growers.

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