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On how to care for cyclamens at home

Many beginning flower growers say that cyclamen- very capricious flowering plant. From the information below, you will find out whether this is true or not, as well as how to care for the cyclamen at home.

how to care for cyclamens at home
In autumn, closer to winter, the counters of flowershops are covered with many multicolored "butterflies" fluttering over the green leaves. This is an unusual form of flower cyclamen room. Of course, it is difficult for flower lovers to refrain from such a purchase, and a colorful flower appears in the house.

In order that he pleased you with his brightbloom, and it lasted a long time, be sure to read how to care for the cyclamen in the home. With proper care, this rather unpretentious plant can live with you to 20-25 years. In addition, that cyclamen is a beautiful perennial exotic plant, its annual tubers are an excellent remedy for sinusitis.

Features of care of a plant

If you decide to put these indoor flowers on your windowsill, the encyclopedia will tell you,

indoor flowers encyclopedia
that the most common types of cyclamenare Persian and European. This "Persian" pleases us with its flowering in winter, while in the European cyclamen the vegetation starts in the spring and the flowering begins in the summer. These handsome men like a well-lit place on the windowsill, but not direct sunlight.

Cyclamen conquers with its bright originalbuds of red, pink, white flowers and a variety of shades. Flowers are simple and terry. But the main feature of this plant is the abundance of bud formation. With the right content, the cyclamen will give you up to 60 colorful flowers! Like all indoor plants and flowers, it needs timely watering and regular feeding. Water the cyclamen with an ordinary fertilizing for flowering plants once in 10 days.

The main

house plants and flowers
error of beginners and just loversplants is spraying the leaves of the cyclamen. Do it categorically forbidden! The plant needs a moderate, careful watering, so that the standing water does not fall on the leaves and the point of growth. Otherwise, the leaves are affected by rot, and the plant is killed. Excessive drying of the soil also adversely affects the condition of the plant - develops characteristic of cyclamen disease.

How to take care of a cyclamen in a homeconditions, you can find other information, but remember that in spring the leaf drying begins. Do not think that you did something wrong. This is a natural physiological process - the transition of the plant during the rest period, which will last approximately 8 months. Therefore, closer to spring watering and top dressing should be conducted less often, and in case of complete drying of the plant to rearrange the pot with the flower in a dark cool place. Do not forget to keep the soil moist.

It is impossible to treat plants lightly,because the basic knowledge of how to care for the cyclamen in the home, you have already received. And to rejoice in the appearance of buds for the next year, you need to treat the content of this exotic miracle with all your heart and responsibility.

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