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Cabinet in the bathroom - the perfect solution for a small room

In the bathroom we spend a lottime. Here the day begins with the making of an invigorating soul, the mood is set. And ends here with evening procedures, preparing for bed and rest from day-to-day worries. That's why the bathroom should be fun and pleasing. But among other things, it should be functional. And here you can not do without shelves, which can accommodate everything you need.

closet in the bathroom
Most people use for dailyhygienic procedures a huge amount of special means, which need a lot of storage space. In such cases, the closet will help out to the bathroom. In it you can put all your favorite aids, shampoos, gels, balms and easily use them if necessary.

Manufacturers today produce furniture of varioustypes and finishes, so everyone can choose the most suitable option. The closet in the bathroom can be made to order or purchased ready. The cabinets with mirrored surfaces, which visually increase even the smallest room, are gaining popularity. To save space in and so close the bathroom is actual use of cabinets under the sink, in which it is very convenient to store household chemicals and other accessories for establishing cleanliness and order in the house. It is much more convenient and practical to hang a horizontal cabinet, use retractable shelves and baskets.

Cabinet in the bathroom in the form of a pencil case is ideal for storagetowels that do not have to be searched throughout the apartment if necessary. It takes up little space, can be an excellent complement to the interior. Often, the cabinet is used to install additional lighting in the room.

wall cabinet in the bathroom

Choosing a closet in the bathroom, it is necessary to drawclose attention to the material from which it is made. To protect from moisture, there must be a special impregnation protecting the tree. It should not have scratches, chips and various irregularities. Plastic furniture is short-lived, and it is better to give preference to natural materials, if financial possibilities permit. Handles are better to choose chrome plated - they will serve for a long time.

closet in the bathroom
In order not to get injured, the closet in the bathroom is betterChoose with rounded edges and without sharp corners. For rarely used things, you can make a shelf directly under the ceiling, which will not catch your eye.

Often the bathroom is stored and homefirst-aid kit. It is suitable for a small hanging closet in the bathroom. It can be hung at the height of an adult's height, so that if necessary, it is easy to find the right drug. At the same time, children can not reach the drugs, which will ensure their safety and help to avoid trouble. A gate valve or a small lock will provide additional protection from small researchers.

Providing the will of his imagination, you can createonly a cozy and stylish bathroom, which will not be ashamed to brag to friends, but also extremely convenient and functional. Everything depends on your desire and financial possibilities.

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