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Floor ceramic tile - stylish, reliable, effective

Choosing a floor covering, it is necessary to consider many nuances. The ideal floor should be strong, not afraid of scratches, easy and good to wash. Which material best meets these requirements?

Flooring ceramic tile

ceramic floor tiles
Perhaps this is the most reliable and popular cover. The material is very durable - if the laying is correct, its strength exceeds the capacity of cement by 10-20 times. Floor ceramic tiles have a high level of rigidity, so it is not deformed and does not bend. The thicker the sample, the higher this figure. It is impossible not to note the fire resistance and fire resistance of this material. It does not change color and appearance. Perhaps this is the most hygienic material. Today, the most popular ceramic floor tiles, the dimensions of which are fifteen by forty-five centimeters or fifteen by sixty centimeters. Laying such a tile is not a very complicated process, but the result is beautiful.

What determines the choice of floor tiles?

Despite the fact that it is almost universalmaterial, when choosing it should take into account the place where it will be used. For example, in the bathroom ceramic tiles must be resistant to the action of active detergents, rough, so that it can not be slipped. As for the floor in the kitchen, it is important that it is easy to wash, not afraid of scratches. In this case, tiles of increased strength, at least the third class, will be required. It must be resistant to chemicals.

Some Secrets of Styling

Aesthetic diversity of this materialalmost unlimited. Today every company involved in its production, releasing a new collection, necessarily includes a floor tile. This greatly facilitates the choice of the buyer. The colors of the walls and ceiling should be well combined, but do not coincide completely. Light and unsaturated colors will make the space more airy and open. The floor ceramic tile, laid diagonally, will visually enlarge the room. Saturated tones emphasize the purity of the background. Silver, sky blue, peach, cream color fill the room with light. The size of the material depends on the area of ​​your room. If it is not too large, ceramic floor tiles 30/30 centimeters will suit you most.

ceramic floor tiles 30 30
Is it worth it to lay the tile yourself?

We would not advise you to do this work. Better to entrust it to professionals. Naturally, you can and should take part in the discussion and design of the cladding. Moreover, you must monitor the execution of work. Quality styling should be completely flat, do not wrinkle, do not have depressions and bumps, tears and bumps.

Coating care

In addition to their excellent technicalcharacteristics, floor tiles are also good because they are very easy to care for. In addition, it retains its properties and appearance for many years. Ceramic floor tiles are perfectly cleaned with warm water with mild detergent.

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