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The simplest gattoopers with their own hands

Moles are very cute, but rather malevolentrepresentatives of fauna. They do not eat plants, but they bring considerable damage to truck farmers. While searching for earthworms, which serve as the main food for blind rodents, moles damage the roots of plants. If several families have settled on the site, they can completely lime worms, which are producers of humus. The piles of land that moles throw out when digging, the site does not decorate.

Getting rid of small pests is difficult: they rarely leave areas where there is enough food. It remains only to scare off or catch them and carry them away from their garden or garden plot. In order to catch a mole, you need a special gag. Buy a finished product can be in stores for gardeners. Usually it is a pipe, at the ends of which are fixed movable flaps. They open inward and work so that the mole can enter the pipe, and to get out the damper they get in the way. Similar krotolovki own hands can be assembled from metal pipes or hard plastic. Sometimes traps for catching moles use traps of small sizes. The complexity of their use lies in the fact that moles, unlike mice, do not eat food that can be set as bait. The very method of catching the trap is too cruel: moles often break bones, after which they die painfully. Hunting traps are difficult to establish in wormholes. For hunt for moles, it is preferable to use crochets made of improvised material or bought in stores. Of course, it is worth considering that purchased traps are more reliable than gattoopers, with their own hands made of wood or plastic. However, both of them may need about a dozen, so self-made devices are more economical. The simplest of them is not worth anything: it can be made from an old saucepan.
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The Simplest Trap

Such krotolovki, with their own hands made ofunnecessary kitchen utensils are installed simply. They find a move, an old saucepan (jar) is piled under it, so that the animal running along the aisle falls into this container. You can, of course, make a gag with your own hands from old children's toys, wooden bars or wire, but these products will require special skills. Catch the same mole in the soup tureen without assistance, even a woman.

How to install a gag:

  1. Traps should be installed in the morning. To install a "pipe", you need to rake up the soil with the hands, where there may be a move. Inside insert the trap so that it does not land on and does not interfere with the progress of the dampers.
  2. Establish krotolovki, built with their own hands from pots, you need to a depth of 5-20 cm.
  3. Moles are very sensitive to sounds and smells of animals. Therefore, it is necessary to install traps or traps in gloves and clothes, which does not smell of tobacco or perfume.

Methods of combating moles

Before installing traps, you cantry to scare off moles. Ready-made scarers are sold, and self-made can be made, for example, from a plastic bottle. For this, a small plastic tube is digged into the ground below the molehill. In the bottle, cut the bottom (not completely, but slightly larger than the diameter of the tube). In the lower part, the windows are cut and the plastic is bent so that the blades are formed. Push the device on the tube. The bottle will spin from the wind, fight against the tube, and vibration will scare off moles. If the animals are not frightened, then the crocodile is useful. With our own hands, as we found out, it is not difficult to make it.

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