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Lookout pit in the garage with your own hands

The inspection pit in the garage is not just useful,and quite often a very necessary construction. When carrying out some repair work or even a simple preventive examination of a vehicle without it, sometimes you can not do. And to make it yourself is not very difficult. The main desire.

inspection pit in the garage
The inspection pit in the garage is usually built on stageconstruction of the garage itself, more precisely, to the arrangement of the floor. But it is quite possible to arrange it in a ready-made structure. Only for this purpose it is necessary to make first a number of dismantling works.

Begin the construction of a pit withplanning. And first of all it is necessary to determine the overall dimensions of the created structure. The width of the observation pit in the garage is usually chosen based on the car brand. And usually it is equal to the inter-wheel distance of one axis minus 20 centimeters. If the arrangement of a universal pit is planned, i.e. without reference to a specific model of the vehicle, the width is chosen approximately 75-80 centimeters. Depth is calculated based on the growth of the car owner. Usually, another 15 centimeters is added to this indicator. This depth of the pit allows free access to all units of the car. As for the length, it should be made a meter longer than the length of the vehicle. This size allows easy access to the pit itself.

width of the observation pit in the garage
When the issue with dimensions is solved, thedirectly the construction of a viewing pit in the garage. The first stage is the digging of the excavation. Its dimensions should be greater than the dimensions of the final pit determined at the planning stage. This is due to the fact that it will still be necessary to equip the walls and the floor in it. Therefore, you should make small allowances - for 25 centimeters - for each side of the pit and floor. The length and width of the excavation will be 50 centimeters more than the analogous values ​​of the inspection pit, and the depth is 25 centimeters.

The next step is the arrangement of the floor. First you need to create an air cushion of 10 centimeters of gravel and 5 centimeters of sand. Each layer is laid separately, leveled and tamped. Next, you should cover the resulting sand cushion with clay and lay on it a waterproofing. Thanks to this constructive approach, the observation pit in the garage will be protected from groundwater. After this, it is necessary to lay out reinforcing mesh and pour all with concrete. When the solution dries, the floor can be treated with a finishing coat.

construction of a pit in the garage
The last stage of construction is erectionwalls. Since the inspection hole is a deepening in the ground, care should be taken to protect it from groundwater. For this, the walls of the excavated trench should be covered with clay, and then the waterproofing should be fixed. Such works are usually enough to protect the pit from the penetration of water from the ground. Next, you should erect the walls themselves. The most common method is a concrete pouring with obligatory reinforcement. To do this, you will have to additionally equip the crate. Also, you should take care of the limiting rail at the floor level of the garage. It prevents the car from rolling into the pit. For these purposes, a metal T-profile is usually used. But sometimes the inspection pit in the garage along the perimeter is simply enclosed by a small curb height of centimeters 5. And, of course, it is necessary to provide steps for descent / lifting or at least a ladder.

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