/ How to make a garage for yourself?

How to make a garage for your own hands?

The furnace for the garage should be small, powerful enough and at the same time economical, and also omnivorous - in order to burn all sorts of garbage in it.

oven for garage
And meanwhile before many motorists oftenthe question arises as to where to put used oil. It is a product with a rather high combustion temperature. It burns not the oil itself, but the vapors released by it during boiling. There are various types of stoves that burn waste oil as a fuel.

The basic design of the waste oil garage

For example, a garage oven, with their own handsto make it simple, it is proposed the following construction (quite efficient and economical), which can heat the garage, burning waste oil. The essence of this design is that in a sealed container, pairs of boiling oil exhaust are burnt. To make a furnace for a garage, you need to take a fairly thick metal, with a thickness of 4 to 6mm, as the temperature will reach 700 - 900 ° C.

oven for garage by own hands
The design is two tanks,connected by a pipe. The smoke extraction pipe must be at least 4 m thick and made of galvanized steel to withstand a temperature of about 250 ° C. The lower tank should have a volume of no more than 15 liters to ensure combustion for 15 hours, since the rate of burning for 1 hour will be 0.5 to 1 liter. At the bottom of the tank is an opening with a lid for filling the oil and adjusting the air flow. A chimney will be installed in the upper part. The upper tank is in this structure both a heating element and a furnace.

An important detail is a thick-walled pipe with a diameter of 360mm, connecting both tanks. It drills 8 holes in a circle with a 9mm drill. There are 6 rows of such holes, that is, there must be 48 holes in all. In order to flood this furnace, you need to fill the lower capacity with a liter of working through the hole for pouring and set it on fire, set on paper or rags. After about 10 minutes, the fire will warm up the workings and the tank itself, and the combustion will pass into the pipe. Such a furnace for the garage on the workout quickly warms up the room. Almost the same looks like an industrial version, running on waste oil. Another version of the same design is proposed, but already with a fan for air pressurization,

open-hearth garage
which raises the temperature of combustion, and the waste oil burns without soot and soot.

Advantages and disadvantages

In fact, a garage oven made and workingon waste oil is the most acceptable option. First, it is easy to operate. Temperature control is performed by moving the cover of the oil and air supply port. Secondly, it is economically advantageous, because as a fuel, what is actually needed is thrown away, only it is not clear - where. Thirdly, it can be considered quite environmentally friendly. Since there is no smoke in the room, there will not be smoke from the exhaust pipe either.

The furnace for the garage also has disadvantages: the chimney must be not less than 4 meters; the chimney should not have horizontal sections; containers and chimney must be cleaned weekly.

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