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How to make a metal detector yourself with the available materials

In life, situations often arise whenDetection of objects from conductive materials in a dielectric medium. The state of the elemental base manufactured by the industry is such that it is possible to create devices of small weight and dimensions. The answer to the question of how to make a metal detector with your own hands, and whether it is possible at home, is contained in the special literature.

how to make a metal detector yourself

This device can detect metal in suchenvironments like water, soil, stone, wood and living tissue. Metal detectors are used in customs and military affairs, as well as in archeology and in the search for treasures and hiding places. To get an exact answer to the question of how to make a metal detector yourself, you need to understand the physical principles that underlie his work.

Types of metal detectors

In practice, different methods of detecting metals are used and, accordingly, they differ according to the principle of action. The main types of devices:

1. The receiving-transmitting system consists of two isolated coils, one of which radiates and the other perceives the reflected signal.

2. The induction circuit has only one coil, which is both a radiator and a receiver. The reflected signal is determined by a selective method.

3. Frequency systems are based on a change in the reference signal when the contour is presented to the desired one.

4. A pulsed metal detector excites eddy currents in hidden metals, determines the electromagnetic field that arises as a result of such an impact.

In order to make a metal detector with your own hands, its design should be quite simple. To realize the idea, materials, tools and skills of assembly of electronic circuits will be required.

Production of the device by own forces

A simple metal detector with your own hands is going tofrom affordable and inexpensive radio components. The sensor (or search coil) is mounted on a long rod of dielectric material. Advantageously, a polymeric pipe is used for the water pipe of the corresponding diameter. The coil must be reliably shielded from the external electromagnetic field.

simple metal detector

How to make a metal detector yourselfreliable and workable? It is necessary to choose a search engine. The devices use different schemes, but the most effective specialists recognize the system with a controller whose operating frequency is automatically adjusted. Such a device allows us to accurately determine not only the presence of metals, but also their magnetic or nonmagnetic nature.

metal detector

Determine how to make a metal detectorwith their own hands, will help special literature on radio engineering. In the process of assembling electronic circuits you will need the skill of working with a soldering iron. The generator is a waterproof case made of dielectric materials, which will allow it to be used for outdoor work. Practice shows that the use of metal detectors significantly increases the effectiveness of search operations.

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