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Board game "Monopoly" with their own hands

Among the most popular home entertainmentthe first place is occupied by the game "Monopoly", to make their own hands which is very simple. This wonderful strategy is popular with people of all ages. The rules of "Monopoly" are understandable for any person, and most of us are also passionate, all this creates such a high popularity for this game. According to approximate statistics, we can say that about 15 million people around the planet regularly play this board game.

monopoly by one's own hands

The strategy was born in 1934 in the statePennsylvania. During the Great Depression there was "Monopoly", for the first time it was made by Charles Darrow. He saw that the game is very interesting and popular among residents, so in a year, 500 pieces were sold. The next step that Darrow did was to contact Parker Brothers. She helped him to establish the release of this strategy, which won the whole world. Today the game is sold all over the world, it is staffed with various additions, so the price of it sometimes becomes unattainable for many people. Therefore, it will be useful to understand how to make "Monopoly" with your own hands.

You can attach the entire family to such needlework. "Monopoly", made by your own hands, will rally your family even more. The main advantage of such needlework is that you can write economic features of your city or country. To make the game "Monopoly" with your own hands turned out to be beautiful and durable, you need to purchase a Whatman paper, colored pencils and markers, a pen, ruler and scotch tape. Let us consider step by step the process of manufacturing the game:

how to make a monopoly with your own hands

  1. Lay out whatman on the floor or on the table, takea ruler and a pencil and draw a field that should consist of looped rectangles. "Monopoly", made with your own hands, can turn out to be very large, since the number of rectangles that will be responsible for enterprises is regulated only by your desire. Do not forget that on the corners there should be large fields that are responsible for the transitions of the course or transfers. Make rectangles that are identical to the factory examples: Rest, Prison, Chance, Skip, Tax, Start, and so on.
  2. "Monopoly" with your own hands gives you the opportunitymake exclusive money. You can cut them out of ordinary colored paper or even make a drawing on each bill. If you do not want to spend a lot of time, then take a plain sheet of paper and manually count.
  3. Make "Chance" cards, which will mean some gifts or restrictions for the participants.
  4. Do not forget about the cube, which you still have to buy. But this purchase will not greatly affect your budget.
  5. As branches, use anybeads, chips or even candy. It all depends on the breadth of your imagination. Keep everything in a separate box or bag so that your creation has served you for a long time.

monopoly game

"Monopoly", made with his own hands by the whole family,will be exclusive and original, and most importantly, very cheap. Thus, by spending a little money, you will get a very popular strategy that will give you the opportunity for the whole family to play it every day.

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