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Exotic tropical flowers: anthurium. Home care

There are exotic and unusual plants,approach to which is unusual even for those who know well how to care for flowers. Anthurium is from such indoor green pets. Your care will be rewarded with the appearance of incredibly beautiful bracts. They are often mistaken for flowers. Anthurium is unusually bright, and its structure is unusual for our eyes. But to understand the intricacies of its cultivation is very interesting.

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Bright tropical flowers - anthurium - in your house

First of all, be patient. Even if you bought a flowering anthurium, you will have to make a lot of efforts to continue this process. This is laborious work. However, thanks to the information collected by more than one generation of flower growers, you will succeed. In nature, this plant develops in the shade of tropical trees. Consider this if you really want to see the flowers. Anthurium is shade-resistant, and therefore it should be located in the back of the room, and not on the windowsills.

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However, for growth and flowering you still needprovide some amount of light. How to solve such a dilemma? Ideally, you need to put the plant closer to the southeast window. You may need to build a special table or stand, where you will place your home flowers. Anthurium, care for which requires special attention, it's worth it. This location will allow the plant to bask in the morning sun and get a beneficial shade in the afternoon.

Planting and further growing

If the plant already hadflowers, anthurium needs a period of adaptation. At this time, you need to water it very moderately and guard against drafts. After the adaptation is completed, it is necessary to transplant (or transplant) the plant into a new substrate and a suitable container. First, carefully examine the roots - are they healthy? Make sure that the land in which the anturium was sold is quite high quality. If the answers to these two questions are positive, then carefully pass the anturium along with the earth's clod in a new container and sprinkle a bit of fresh soil. Damaged and doubtful looking roots should be carefully removed, the places of cuts should be treated with greenery, covered with crushed activated carbon.

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An easy fertile substrate that will notto obstruct air access to the roots, an anthurium is needed. It must necessarily include turf land, moss (peat), coconut fiber. To increase the friability, you can add part of the substrate for bromeliads. To the size of the pot, too, be attentive. If you want the flowering to last indefinitely, you can not take a container that is much larger than the previous one. Since in this case we can not avoid an abundant increase in "children". Yes, and the abundance of soil in the pot can provoke putrefactive processes. Ideal is shallow and wide capacity. Water the plant only after the substrate has completely dried. And of course, like any plant from the tropics, anthurium must be sprinkled at least twice a week.

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