/ Rudbeckia: leaving and landing. Sunny flower in your garden

Rudbeckia: leaving and landing. Sunny flower in your garden

Rudbeckia, whose care and landing will beare considered in this article, an incredibly unpretentious and bright flower. This plant forms in the garden a whole sea of ​​yellow and orange gold balls and at a small cost of effort will transform your home garden beyond recognition. This is a good rudbeckia - planting and caring for her are not difficult. And the appearance is luxurious and original.

rudbeckia care and planting

Rudbeckia: care and planting of young plants

Usually these flowers are grown from seedlings. A shiny Rudbeckia for many years (planting and caring for it is a bit more complicated than for the usual one) is better propagated by seeds. In order for these flowers with a dark convex core to appear on your site, it's enough just to sprinkle the planting material on the bed, and then slightly press the seeds into the ground and water it regularly. When buying seedlings, pay attention to the condition of plants - they must be strong and strong. Even tall shoots should be planted fairly compactly. Thin and excessively elongated shoots with an abundance of leaves (more than three pairs) should not be bought. Also, do not take yellowed plants.

rudbeckia perennial planting and care

These flowers look like little children of the sun. Therefore, if you want to have a magnificent rudbeckia on your site, care and planting should take into account the location on the sunny side. The place where the seedlings are to grow should be illuminated by direct sunlight at least six hours a day. Give preference to fertile soils that pass water well. Both seedlings and seeds should fall into the soil in the first spring months, when the snow melted and warm weather set in.

Loosen the soil, remove from it stones, weeds,parts of old dried plants. Put into the soil a well-rotted compost, dig up, level the surface of the site. Seedlings in tanks should be watered before being removed from them. Pull out small plants carefully, taking care not to damage their root system. Plant at a distance of half a meter from each other, a little ramming the ground. Then rudbeckiyu should be poured with a small amount of water. It is desirable to tie the seedlings to pegs or pull a rope around them to support them.

rudbeckia planting and care

Rudbeckia: care and planting, watering and pruning

If in the area where you live, at least oncein two weeks precipitation falls out, then this flower will have enough moisture. In addition, you do not need to water, it can be necessary only if a drought is established. After heavy rainfall on the lush foliage of rudbeckia, a lot of moisture is collected - it must be shaken, otherwise the high stem can break under the weight of water.

Feed the plant before flowering smallcomplex fertilizer dose. It is brought into the earth around the flower, carefully distributing it in the soil. Wilted inflorescences are cut in order to intensively form new buds. Then the plant will continue to bloom abundantly until autumn.

Before winter it is necessary to cut off shoots at the levelfifteen centimeters above the ground. Plants should be covered with compost. If there is a desire to propagate Rudbeckia vegetatively, it is necessary to dig it and divide the rhizome into two or four parts.

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