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Hydrangea "Grandiflora" - a lushly flowering shrub for your garden

Hortensia is a beautiful deciduous,large-leaved shrub, actively used in the decoration of flower beds, terraces, flower beds, decoration of partitions, walls and arched openings. Thanks to its numerous flowers collected in large bright inflorescences, it can play the role of a background in group plantings, emphasizing the beauty of conifers and other shrubs, or it can act as a single solitary plant.

hydrangea grandiflora
Hortensia is so loved by many plant growers forbeauty, splendor and duration of flowering, as well as for excellent adaptive capabilities to the climatic conditions of the central Russian belt. It causes severe temperature drops down to -25 ° C and does not require shelter for the winter. In this article, we will tell you about one of the most famous plant varieties. Hydrangea "Grandiflora" (panicle) is considered the most famous representative of this perennial. It can reach 2 m in height, has hard, from below fleecy leaves and blooms with "whiskers" cream-white color.

Hydrangea "Grandiflora": soil and lighting

This lovely winter hardy grade is goodgrows on weakly acid and neutral soils. It is desirable that the land is fertile, and most importantly - not sandy. It is interesting that the color of the hydrangea becomes more acrido when the bush grows on acid soil. If on your site the earth is not enough acid, when planting the plant should be added spruce semi-pereprevshy otpad, peat and sawdust. Any deoxidants (lime, ash, chalk, etc.) are contraindicated for the plant hydrangea "Grandiflora". Planting and caring for the bush is to select the right weakly acid soil and timely moisturizing. Perennial loves water, so it should be watered often enough so that the land is wet all the time.

hydrangea grandiflora care
As far as lighting is concerned, hydrangea prefersopen solar areas: in the shade, it will wither and cease to develop. When planting hydrangea in weakly acid soil in a light warm place and with regular watering, it will be abundant and long bloom from year to year.

Hortense "Grandiflora": care and planting

For planting on a permanent place take seedlingsfour years of age. For them, prepare a bright area with fertile soil. Dig a pit with dimensions of 50 x 70 cm or a meter strip, if it is planned to form a hedge from a bush. Between the pits are maintained a distance of about 1 m, and after a few years the planting is thinned out so that between adults the gap is 2-2.5 m. Planting the hydrangea plant "Grandiflora" is carried out in the spring (in warm climates, autumn planting is also possible). The seedlings are placed in a pit, covered with a soil mixture and mulched with peat and compost.

Hydrangea "Grandiflora" in your garden. We fertilize and care for the plant

hydrangea grandiflora planting and care
This perennial responds well to frequenttop dressing, since for abundant flowering and active growth it requires a large amount of nutrients. The main thing to remember is that fertilization is done after watering the plant to avoid root burn. During the growing season, a fertilizer is introduced from the young nettle, once every two weeks, an infusion of fermented mullein (3 liters of water per bucket of manure). During the flowering period, a complex mineral fertilizer is used, introducing it every 14 days. In addition to watering, fertilizing and creating favorable conditions, the hydrangea of ​​Grandiflora needs annual pruning. This procedure contributes to a long and lush flowering perennial. In early spring (March or April), weak and diseased shoots are removed, the frozen ones are cut off, leaving healthy parts. Without cropping, the plant will become neglected and bloom poorly.

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