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How and why do didactic game with their own hands

Didactic speech therapy games designedfor children between the ages of three and seven. They should help the children correctly form the structure of the word, be able to distinguish sounds by ear and divide words into syllables. Speech therapy sessions with the child should be conducted by a qualified worker, and the didactic game will help to consolidate the knowledge at home. With your own hands it can be done without much effort.

Why do didactic games

Some babies find it difficult to concentrateon the material about which the educator tells. So that the child can perceive information and understand everything, without distractions and not tired, teachers use as a working material didactic games for children.

didactical game

Logopedic games help to eliminateproblems in the development of speech, the correct formation of sounds, and how well the child will be able to distinguish between the sounds of spoken sounds. Such games can be used both in the kindergarten as a speech therapist or as a tutor, or as parents of the home to fix the material, especially since it is quite easy to make logopedic didactic games by oneself. You can come up with your own script, which will be based on the individual characteristics and preferences of your baby.


All logopedic games can be divided into several groups, depending on the direction in which it is necessary to deal with children. Here are the most basic of them:

  • the formation of phonemic hearing in children through games;
  • developing exercises, corrective pronunciation of sounds;
  • games that facilitate the formation of coherent speech;
  • actions that develop small motor skills;
  • correction of stuttering through simple games;
  • the formation of a sense of rhythm in children;
  • the formation of speech in children 3-4 years;
  • the formation of speech in children 5-7 years;
  • games for the development of mentally retarded children;
  • classes necessary to improve spatial orientation and determine the forms of objects.

For classes with a child, a certaina group of games most relevant in a specific situation. For each group, parents can make a didactic game with their own hands, based on the characteristics of the development of the baby.

logopedic didactic games

Musical and didactic games

There is a huge choicemusical-didactic games for children of different ages, which, depending on the direction, will help the children develop hearing, rhythm and speech. All classes are conducted in the form of games using a musical instrument at home or in a group in the kindergarten, as well as using a simple toy that the child likes very much. Musical-didactic games, created by your own hands, will be aimed at eliminating the speech problems of your baby.

musical and didactic games with your own hands

The simplest example: children are offered 5-7 subjects that produce sounds of different tonality. The child is given to listen to how each object sounds, then he must turn away, and the adult, choosing one of the elements, knocks on it. The child by ear should be able to determine which thing was chosen.

How are developing speech therapy games developed?

The didactic game with your own hands can be made from improvised materials available in almost every home in which there are children.

First of all, this is colored paper, white andcolored cardboard, scissors, markers and pencils, PVA glue, you can also use cloth, buttons, rustling paper or candy wrappers from candy, laces, Velcro and much more.

The game "Colors and sizes". Circles of different diameters are cut from colored paper. To make didactic material, no more than 6 primary colors are chosen. The cut circles are mixed, and the child is suggested to divide them by their colors and sizes.

The game "Find a Couple" develops attention and helps instudying colors. On a thick cardboard, any figures are drawn, for example, machines of different sizes, and then painted in different colors so that each vehicle in size and color had exactly the same pair.

logopedic didactic games

The game "Domino". You can take ordinary paper, which is then pasted onto cardboard. A sheet of paper is drawn on small rectangles, separated in the middle by a line into 2 equal parts. For this game, you need 4-8 different pictures with the images that your child likes best. It can be fruits, vegetables, animals, cartoon characters, etc. Pictures can be created by yourself, but can be found on the Internet and printed. For each half of the rectangle, one of the images is glued so that there are two on the figure. The task of the baby is to make a chain of dominoes, putting the edges with the same patterns to each other.

The game "Lace-up". On a thick cardboard, you can print or draw a shoe by making small holes where you need to thread the lace to "lace up" the shoe. For this game, you can use a thick thread with a hard tip or a regular lace. The main thing is for the child to easily pass it through the holes.


Didactic game, created by yourself, will cost you much cheaper. In addition, when you connect fantasy, you can make a material that you can not buy in any store.

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