/ How is the aroma lamp manufactured?

How is the aroma lamp manufactured?

Aromatherapy originated in ancient times. Principles of treatment with smells were used in Egypt, Greece, India, China and other countries of Asia. Gradually, this trend spread to Europe and America. As you know, essential oils have a relaxing, soothing, anti-inflammatory effect. You can pick up a suitable smell for yourself and enjoy, while it is quite possible to make an oil supply device (called "aromalamp") with your own hands.


aroma lamp by own hands

Simple design from the tank with essential oiland a heating element - that's what an aroma lamp is. With their own hands this device was made (as it was said earlier) even in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was an ordinary lamp, over which was installed a small capacity (made of ceramics, glass and other natural materials) - it was dripping oil from various herbs with the addition of water.

It can be noted that, at the moment, the principlethe device has not changed much, but the device is also used as an addition to the interior, as a lighting device or a flash drive.

Types of devices

Aromalamp (you can make a simpler version) can be of the following types:

how to make an aroma lamp with your own hands

  • A classic device. The most common device, consists of a bowl of water with oil, which is heated with a burning candle.
  • Electric aroma lamp. This device differs from the prototype in that a normal lighting lamp is used as the heating element, which operates from the mains. And this device is used for soft lighting of the room.
  • Aromalamp with ultrasonic device. The principle of operation of this device is significantly different from previous types. Here, the oil is fed into the diffuser, where it evaporates under the influence of ultrasound. This aroma lamp (it will be difficult to make such a device by oneself) does not produce by-products, for example, from the burning of a candle, it is safe, since water is not used here, which, if mistreated, can lead to a short circuit in the electrical network. In addition, this device is economical, since the oil is not diluted, but immediately enters the diffuser.

How to make aroma lamp by yourself?

In order to make such a device yourself, you may need such materials and tools:

  • can of oblong form;
  • small candle;
  • scissors for metal;
  • bowl or other suitable dishes;
  • Glue and ornaments (shells, sea stones and other materials).

This is a very simple way, allowing you to make such an accessory, like an aroma lamp, with your own hands. The master class is presented below.

When choosing a jar, pay attention to the fact that the topit should be smooth. Below, in the lateral surface, you need to make a small hole through which the candle will be installed. The bowl or other utensils should fit the size of the upper opening in the pot in such a way that the bowl's position is stable. The surface of the jar can be decorated with various materials and glue at your discretion. After this, you can install the bowl on the jar, fill it with water and add a few drops of oil.

aroma lamp in-house master class

This device is goodsoothing and revitalizing effect. In addition, some essential oils (eg, coniferous) disinfect the air. This device can be installed anywhere in the house and enjoy pleasant aromas.

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