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Compact drier for washing in the bathroom - an excellent solution for urban apartments

The appearance of washing machines did not savehousewives from the process of drying clothes. Find in a small apartment suitable for this place is not so easy. Therefore, the main characteristics that a comfortable dryer for washing in the bathroom should have is a compact overall size and capacity. Modern manufacturers constantly develop and produce all new models of products for drying. With their help, you can find the optimal solution for specific living conditions.

Floor drier for washing in the bathroom

By design features such productsare divided into horizontal and vertical models. Equal in terms of capacity and quality of performance, they differ only in the arrangement of strings and tiers, as well as the mechanisms of unfolding. Horizontal dryer with its shape resembles an ironing board. On it it is convenient to place curtains, bedspreads, etc. Such products can have one plane or have several tiers. Vertical model is much more compact and takes up less space. However, this is its only advantage over a horizontal dryer. In appearance, it looks like a multi-tiered shelf, and it's not very convenient to place large items on it.

dryer in the bathroom

Ceiling dryer in the bathroom

This is the best option for small rooms. With the help of these products, space is saved because they are attached to the ceiling. The use of such models is very convenient. First, the higher the laundry, the sooner it will dry out. Secondly, due to its moving structure, such a dryer can be lowered and raised when necessary. In addition, the ceiling structure is able to accommodate many more things than floor or wall.

Wall hung laundry dryer

This model also saves space in the bathroomroom. It is located on the wall under the ceiling. Thanks to a special mechanism, the washed laundry can be raised and lowered after drying. If desired, the product can be removed from the wall and moved to another room. The only drawback - such a dryer is not designed to accommodate large heavy things. Often this option is considered as an addition to the floor model.

Cantilever dryer for washing in the bathroom

This model is a metalaccordion and most often serves to accommodate towels and other bath accessories. The product is expanded in length up to 1.2 meters. It is best to install such a dryer near the radiators.

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Electric clothes drier

This compact product is very convenient inUse due to the convection system. The laundered items are flowed with a stream of hot air and quickly dry out. Such a model can be installed even in the smallest rooms. Depending on the design features, such a dryer can be mounted on a ceiling or a wall. It is necessary to provide in advance the system of fasteners, which must withstand heavy weight.

clothes dryer

All kinds of clothes dryers are made of metal. However, when choosing these products, you should carefully consider the material from which they are made. The aluminum structures are quickly oxidized and leave stains on freshly washed laundry. Enameled products are much more practical, but it is worth considering that over time, enamel can collapse. It is best to choose models from chrome-plated metal or stainless steel.

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