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How to install an air conditioner yourself: useful tips

Probably, everyone after the purchase of a split-systemwondered: "And how to install the air conditioner - with their own hands or with the help of specialists?" It is worth mentioning that the installation of this air-conditioning system does not take much time and effort. As practice shows, this problem is solved in one day.

how to install an air conditioner yourself
In addition, the installation of the split system with their own handscan significantly save money. But, while installing the air conditioner, you should remember that the correctness of your actions will determine the quality and service life of the entire cooling system. Therefore, this process needs to be treated with special attention.

How to install the air conditioner with your own hands: choose a place for installation

Before fixing all the components, you needDetermine the place where they will work. As a rule, the air conditioner consists of two units - the internal one (the one that is attached to the wall in the room) and the outdoor one (which is installed on the street). As for the first part, it should be mounted exclusively on strong dowels, so that then the entire expensive apparatus does not fall down and break. It is also recommended to place this unit away from direct sunlight. As for the outer parts, they must also be fastened with strong dowels. But in addition, care should be taken to ensure that this box is located in a place that does not interfere with the maintenance. Also, avoid the cases when snow falls on the outside block in winter, - better make a visor over it.

How to install an air conditioner with your own hands: drilling holes in the walls

After a successful selection of places you need to drillholes in the wall for pipes with refrigerant and electrical wiring. Also it is necessary to take care of the drainage pipes, which will take out excess water on the street. Often, for this all you need to be ready to drill a hole 6-7 centimeters in diameter. The hole is quite large, so after installation, you should take care of the thermal insulation, so that the room does not walk draft.

installation of a split system with your own hands

How to install the air conditioner: fixing the units

After making holes, you canproceed to install the blocks themselves - external and internal. In both cases, make sure that the structure is flat. Deviations of at least one degree (in the angle of inclination) are categorically unacceptable. The fact is that neglecting the angle of inclination will lead to an incorrect operation of the air conditioner. Also, avoid installing blocks near explosive objects. For fixing, use metal bolts, - no wires, scotch tape and other "snot" in the installation of the blocks should not be.

 how to install air conditioning

How to install an air conditioner yourself: laying a pipeline

And the last stage, which completes the installation of oursystem, is the laying of the pipeline. For the air conditioner, it is best to use steel pipes made of oxygen-free copper, which have no signs of welded joints. As for the drainage system, a flexible metal-plastic pipe can be installed here. It is also important to remember that it must necessarily have a downward slope. At this stage, the air conditioning unit is complete!

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