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How to care for begonia at home: advice and advice for beginners

Today, begonia is the most commonplant as a room culture. This subtropical colorful plant attracts flower growers with decorative leaves or beautiful bright flowers.

how to care for begonia at home
They say that begonia has a kind of magicalattraction: whoever sees it once will fall in love with her at first sight. It is possible that you became interested in begonia. This note will tell how to take care of begonia at home.

There are many kinds of begonias, but allrepresentatives of exotic flora can be divided into ornamental-deciduous and flowering. Decorative and deciduous trees attract colorful leaves with various colors, but small flowers or none at all. Blossoming same species are proud of their bright, double flowers red, pink, yellow, white and other spectral colors and shades. Everyone knows a begonia terry mix - a common representative of a flowering begonia. This species is most often seen in garden stores and, of course, it is purchased.

Terry begonia mix: features of care for her

So, if you have acquired begonia blooming, the question itself is: "How to care for begonia in the home?" Begonia is a very whimsical plant and its "adaptability"

begonia terry mix
Even your time of purchase and transportation influences your room. It is better not to buy begonias in the winter, as fairly sharp changes in temperature can ruin it.

It is best to put begonia on the south-west orsoutheast window sill, because direct sunlight to the plant is completely counter-indicative. If you have chosen the right place for it, then with its flowering it will please you all spring-summer period. Nearer to the deep autumn the bulb suspends the vegetation, and the plant "leaves" during the rest period.

How to care for begonia at home,if the flowering period is over? It is necessary to reduce watering and top dressing. As the leaves are shedding, it is necessary to transfer the pot from the plant to the basement, ensuring begonias rest at a temperature of 10-13 degrees, periodically moistening the soil.

all about begonia
In early spring, transfer the pot back to the permanent place of "residence", and begin to water the plant more often.

What does begonia not like?

Since the plant is rather whimsical, you need to know how to care for begonia at home, avoiding common mistakes in this matter.

1. Begonia does not tolerate drafts and changes in location. Therefore, you need to decide on a room where a flowering plant will be displayed, pleasing the surrounding people.

2. Water it regularly, but moderately, because it is forbidden to flood the plant.

3. Do not tolerate exotic beauties of spraying: the leaves are covered with brown spots and die.

4. Prefer a loose, nutritious ground. Do not tolerate souring, so you need good drainage to the bottom of the pot.

If care for begonias has been broken, the plant will feel it perfectly and may become infected with certain diseases. You can also learn all about begonia from the literature.

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