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The stove with the kazanom own hands

The stove with the cauldron is practical and convenientsolution for cooking at the cottage. It is important only to decide what kind of construction you want to have on your personal plot. From the stationary option it is sometimes best to refuse, but only if you will often use a similar device. This is due to the fact that under such a device will have to allocate a sufficiently large area. It should not have wooden buildings. Among other things, for such a construction you need a brick foundation, which will take a lot of space and will look very cumbersome. If you decide to choose a mobile option, then you can use metal. The design in this case will be extremely simple, and in the role of the pedestal the upper part of the iron boiler will perform. In the role of the main material, a large-size cast-iron pipe or a pipe made of heat-resistant steel will perform.

Preparation of tools and materials

stove with kazan

If you are going to lining up the stove with the kazan, thenfor this you can use refractory brick. Among other things, you will need tools for making mortar, fireclay powder, sand, a few fire bars and two doors, one of which will be designed for blowing, while the other is for the firebox.

Technology of work

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If you will lay out the stove with the cauldron, theninitially it is necessary to prepare the territory. The site must be leveled and moistened with water. On the base will need to lay out a solution, which is prepared from fireclay bricks and fine sand. Two ingredients must be mixed in a ratio of three to one. Water is needed so much so that the consistency is maximally plastic. In the end, you should get a foundation that has a thickness of 5 centimeters. The leveling of the slab should be done with the help of a building level. When laying the stove with the cauldron on top of the still not grounded base, you should lay the reinforcing bar, the width of the cells should be equal to 12 centimeters or less. This element will strengthen the base, increasing strength and eliminating the possibility of destruction under the influence of a temperature drop.

Carrying out basic works


Wait until the solution is completelyit will dry, it's not worth it. If you immediately begin to build a hearth, then the bunch between the brickwork and the base will be much stronger. When using rack pads during operation, you will be able to ensure smooth seams. After the masonry is completed, and the mortar grabs, but does not have time to harden, you need to remove the lath pads. Laying of bricks should be carried out according to the scheme, each odd number should start with a whole brick, while every even one should be halved. It is important to strictly follow the rules of dressing. They exclude the coincidence of vertical seams in one line, if it is a question of nearby rows. When the stove is laid out under the cauldron, after the first row has been formed, it will be necessary to install the ash door, providing a special hole in which the chimney will be installed. All subsequent series will have to be arranged in a circle. After the third row of masonry is completed, you can create a frame that is created from metal corners. It is welded to the metal grille. This stage indicates the completion of works that provide for manipulation of the basement compartment. The presence of the grate will ensure the flow of oxygen into the furnace, ensuring a high-quality fuel combustion.

Method of creating a furnace


When a stove is made for cauldron, then allThe further series should be stacked, following the drawn up scheme. After installing the grate and laying the first row, you should install the firebox door. After grasping the mortar, it is necessary to perform the seaming of the joints. As the final stage is the manufacture of a sheet base. It is made of a sheet of metal, the thickness of which is 1 centimeter. The sheet must have such dimensions to cover the brick foundation. In the center of the bulgarian one should cut out a circle whose diameter is less by 2 centimeters in comparison with the circumference of the cauldron. Similar dimensions allow to load the container into a brick furnace for 2/3.

Advice of an experienced stove man

kazan for cottage with stove

In addition to the above,that the edges of the hole should be as flat as possible. Otherwise, smoke from the cauldron will flow through the cracks and small gaps. The edges of the stand, which is made of thick metal, is recommended to be processed with a round file. This will get rid of metal burrs, which can be dangerous. At the last stage, the sheet is placed on top of the furnace, which assumes that the bottom of the cauldron is inside.

Work on the chimney

If you want to have aplot of cauldron cast iron with a stove, then in the next stage you can start laying the chimney. These works are made after the completion of brick laying. This stage is considered to be as complicated and laborious as possible. The chimney is necessary to ensure traction and remove smoke generated in the firebox. For the formation of a chimney, metal pipes, whose diameter varies from 10 to 12 centimeters, will suit. If the device turns out to be bends, and not straight, then you will need a knee and fittings that have the appropriate diameters.

What is important to know the master

When a stove is made forhands, produce a bending of the chimney pipes at an angle of 90 degrees can not. This almost completely eliminates cravings. If there is a need for bends, then they should be more than 90 degrees.


Kazan for a dacha with a stove will be an excellent solutionfor cooking food. To assemble some parts of the pipe, you can use fittings that are welded together. From the influx and scale should be disposed of with an angle grinder, which will be very convenient for the master to work with.

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