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Dryer for vegetables, fruits and many other useful products

To date, the vegetable dryer isan indispensable thing in our kitchen. Among the large amount of canning technology offered in stores, this device for the consumer has become just a find. With its help you can make blanks for the winter, keeping in the products all useful elements and vitamins.

To dry vegetables it is possible, of course, and naturalway, but it takes a lot of time and space. It is much better to use the electric version of the dryer. It can dry a decent amount of vegetables at one time, at the same time it does not take up much space, and you will need much less time.

Dryer for fruits and vegetables Also great for other products: mushrooms, meat, fish. Once you try the dryer in the case, you will not be disappointed and will use it all the time, because it is much better to use products that are dried up on your own, rather than buying dried fruit and vegetables of questionable quality from the store.

How to choose a dryer for vegetables
How to choose a dryer for vegetables? This question, of course, will interest you, if you want to purchase this type of household appliances for personal use. The first thing you need to pay attention to when buying:

  • The manufacturer should prove itself in the sphere of the production of household appliances, and also have positive feedback from consumers.
  • The quality of raw materials used for the manufacture of this equipment must meet all standards. There are two types of materials from which dryers are produced:
  1. Metal (heavy devices weighing more than 10 kg).
  2. Plastic (light weight, which simplifies operation).
  • Technical specifications and equipment should fully meet your requirements:
  1. A large number of pallets, so you can dry a lot of food at a time, as well as the opportunity to purchase additional pallets.
  2. Quality of pallets. They are transparent and opaque. Transparent view is most effective in use.
  3. The heating temperature must be regulated.
  4. The presence of a fan, if you think that you need it. It is not available in all models.
  5. Presence of a timer.
  6. The dryers should be equipped with thermal fuses if the apparatus overheats.
  • Price: a good dryer for mushrooms and vegetables can not be cheap.

Today's market is saturated with this type of equipment,but the greatest demand for customers is using an infrared dryer for vegetables. It is the most expensive, but also the most effective. Vegetables processed in infrared devices can be soaked for 15-20 minutes in water, and they will not be different from fresh ones.

Dryer for mushrooms and vegetables

This vegetable dryer works in the hot air. After each revolution, the air that has collected moisture is replaced by a new one. There are two ways of this drying:

Dryer for vegetables

  1. Vertical, when you need to rearrange the trays with vegetables, because the supply of hot air is uneven.
  2. Horizontal, when hot air is fed evenly across all trays. The advantage of such a feed is that there is no mixing of odors.

With proper use and care, the vegetable dryer will last you for many years.

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